Getting bangs is a brave move that not every woman is willing to take, but a great hairstyle with bangs will definitely change the way you look. So, we’ve put together a list of the best celebrity hairstyles with bangs to inspire you. Check it out!

Best Celebrity Hairstyles with Bangs: Taylor Swift

If you have a perfectly oval face just like Taylor’s, you should take a look at her beautiful blunt bangs. This is probably one of the best celebrity hairstyles with bangs. She simply looks great on the red carpet flaunting this incredible straight bangs hairstyle. Moreover, stylists say that this structural look needs trimming twice monthly, so you’ll need to pay a visit to your hairstylist more often. We say that this great straight bangs hairstyle totally deserves it!

Taylor Swift Bangs Hairstyle

Celebrity Bangs Hairstyles: Helena Christensen

This great celebrity is rocking one of the best celebrity bangs hairstyles out there. She’s wearing side swept bangs which add a touch of sexiness to her features. So, if you have a square face, we’d recommend trying this celebrity bangs style because it will help make your face look rounder. Just ask your hair stylist to cut shorter bangs just above your eyebrows and keep your bangs longer at the sides. You’ll look amazing wearing one of the best celebrity hairstyles with bangs.

Celebrity Hairstyles with Bangs: Jessica Biel

What do you think about Jessica Biel’s blunt cut bangs? We think these celebrity bangs definitely impressed husband Justin Timberlake. Plus, her straight across cut bangs frame perfectly her oval, delicate face. If you want to get one of the best celebrity bangs hairstyles, we recommend asking your hair stylist to cut your bangs while your hair is still dry because this way you’ll know exactly your bangs’ length and how they’ll look after styling.

Best Celebrity Hairstyles with Bangs: Mena Suvari

Are you afraid of cutting your hair, but you’d love to rock some bangs? We’ve got the best solution when it comes to mixing these two opposite things: faux celebrity bangs. Just take a look at Mena Suvari’s faux bangs and you’ll understand. We suggest this hairstyle as one of the best celebrity bangs styles because it offers you to chance to draw attention to your big beautiful eyes, but without having to commit to a particular bangs style. Mena Suvari’s faux bangs should definitely be on your celebrity bangs list!

Straight Bangs Hairstyle: Carly Rae Jepsen

The ‘Call me maybe’ hit singer looks amazing wearing her straight-across bangs. If you want to get one of our favorite celebrity hairstyles with bangs, you should ask your stylist to start cutting your blunt bangs right from the top of your head. This way, he’ll create a waterfall effect that will make your bangs look thicker and will shift the attention towards your eyes.

Celebrity Hairstyle with Bangs: Jennifer Lawrence

This young and gorgeous Oscar winning actress probably rocks one of the best celebrity bangs we’ve seen on the red carpet, more exactly, the long side bangs. This type of bangs will help you add a touch of style to your glossy locks and will beautifully frame your face.

Great Celebrity Hairstyles with Bangs: Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington is one of the most stylish actresses from Hol lywood. Her long choppy bangs hairstyle is just amazing, so if you’re looking for an enviable bangs hairstyle this is definitely one of the long hairstyles with bangs to take your style cue from. Just make sure to add texture to your tresses through layering as fine, limp hair that lacks volume is not hot!

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