Copy Ashley Tisdale’s Locks

Want to recreate Ashley Tisdale’s haircut? Feeling the need to go dirty blonde or add sandy lowlights? You can get her hair with extensions, if your hair is shorter then hers! By following these simple steps you can get Ashley’s sweet locks!

Keep in mind that the right hair color and a flattering haircut can do wonders for your look, so no wonder celebs are spending thousands on expensive hair salon sessions. You might not have the budget to towards the help of a celeb hair stylist, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate haircuts and hair color shades spotted on your fave celebs. So, if you’re ready to a makeover and you’re in love with Ashley’s look, check out and follow these tips:

Step 1:Rub a volumizing mousse in and blow-dry hair until about 85 percent dry. Then smooth it out from roots to ends with a boar-bristle brush and blow-dryer positioned about 2″ away to protect hair from heat.

Step 2:Since this style works best on blondes with long hair and sandy lowlights, and being that Ashley’s hair is currently waving down on her shoulders and is very blond, if your hair is not that long you can use extensions.

Whenever you’re using extensions, tease lightly at the root and set with hairspray. Then clip the extensions in at the root. Take a brush to incorporate the pieces with the rest of your hair.

Start at the nape and work up to the occipital bone all the way around. It only takes about 15 minutes.

Step 3:Finish off with a dry shampoo and rub it all the way in to get that dry, dusty feel. It also gives tons of volume.