Ashlee Simpson is a well known American singer, sister of singer Jessica Simpson and wife of “Fall Out Boy” guitar player Pete Wentz. Ashlee Simpson who was born in 1984 is also known for her reality television series The Ashlee Simpson Show.

Ashlee always struggled to be different than her sister. She wanted to be appreciated for her own style and capabilities. She has a unique pop-rocker chick style which suits her perfectly. Throughout her career Ashlee has passed through several stages of transformation when it comes to hair color. She likes to experiment different things, so she experimented with her looks too.

Ashlee started her career as a blondie, but dyed her hair black. It seems that this gorgeous lady tried every color from blonde to black and everything in between. She was seen with sandy hair, brown hair, auburn hair, blonde hair and black, with highlights, you name it.

ashlee simpson ashlee simpson black hair

All the changes seem quite drastic and they were but they all looked fabulous on her. This gorgeous green eyed singer knows how to put her assets into value. All the hair colors she decided for enhanced the color of her eyes making her look outstanding.

Probably the best color which brought out her eyes was the black hair color because the transition from her pale complexion to her dark black hair made her eyes stand out. All these colors black, auburn and blonde can make the color of the eyes pop, especially if they are green or blue colored.

ashlee simpson-wentz ashlee simpson dirty blonde hair

Try to take Ashlee Simpson-Wentz’s example and experiment with hair color to find the one that suits you best. You don’t have to go overboard and damage your hair, you can simply try out new hair colors with the help of temporary hair color. Experiment and have fun with your hairstyles and hair color.