Hair chameleons from the world of music and Hollywood are some of the most essential sources of inspiration for fans and stylists. Those who keep an eye on the hair style evolution of Ashlee Simpson know that there are hardly any hair lengths and textures or colors she hasn’t experimented with. This time Ashlee’s latest Short Haircut is lovely and highlights the youthful and dapper allure of the singer who decided to devote more time to her family and leave music for the second place.

Still the media is in her footsteps spotting even the tiniest changes in her look. This time she was leaving a Los Angeles salon when she was caught sporting her brand new sassy do. The locks are trimmed shorter and the color also changed from cute blonde to hot platinum.

We might guess that the lighter shade celebrates the upcoming blooming season and will definitely attract more attention, a factor Ashlee doesn’t neglect when it comes to public appearance.

At the end of the last year she surprised the world with her super-cute short crop leading the top of most sought-after celebrity hair styles. Now she proved that her look can be taken to the next level with a brand new hue as well as a shorter and choppy design.

The infinite experimentation and hair dressing adventures are no unknown territory for Ashlee Simpson who shares her pleasure for the frequent metamorphosis with her husband, the Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz as a real hair style icon when it comes to gent’s haircuts. We’re looking forward whether there is any look she can’t nail down like a real pro.

Ashlee Simpson Wentz Ashlee Simpson Wentz

Do you like Ashlee Simpson’s new white blonde pixie?

Photo courtesy of Zimbio