The 26 years old singer-songwriter as well as happy mom and wife of the hottest Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz, managed to stay on the covers of various style and celebrity magazines. This can be indeed attributed to the series of her public appearances when she decided to flash her open attitude towards hair styling and colors. Those who know Ashlee won’t be surprised at the ever changing look of this starlet. She decided to chop off, then grow out, then again to short and also go red, blonde and even black in the course of a few years.

The Rock chick look was soon turned into a Bohemian style offering fans the chance to admire the versatile looks of Ashlee Simpson even if she took a well-merited break from the music business in order to devote more time to her family. Watch out for the most stylish Ashlee Simpson hair styles evolution presented below and cast your vote for the most stylish look.

<br />Short hair might have appeared less prominently in the hair style evolution of Ashlee, still every once in a while she decided to appear with a similar crop that would land her on the covers of various hair styling magazines. The versatile hair color as well as choppy cut all make up the perfect combo to include this look among the most stylish dos Ashlee ever sported.<br /><br /> <br />Blonde was always a top option for Ashlee to sport her locks. Therefore especially at the beginning of her career she decides to paint her tresses light and sport a girly chic do. Using accessories was yet another trick to perk up her simple do.<br /><br /> <br />Those who know about the hair chameleon title of Ashlee Simpson won't be surprised about her black tone from 2006 which marked her career as she broke with the cute blonde doll appearance and turned to a more subtle style both in look and also music genre.<br /><br /><br /> <br /> <br />Her ombre hair color as well as long and dropped curls made an enchanting impression when she stepped onto the red carpet. Ashlee Simpson managed to make a real statement with her Boho style still luscious locks that encourage us to style our back-sweeping tresses into versatile designs.<br /><br /> <br /><br />Switching back again to red proves the ambition of Ashlee to stand out from the crowd and sport a fiery hair color. Indeed it seems that her series of red periods would prove to be some of the most memorable years when it comes of her A-list hair color options. She succeeds to promote the trend by pairing the red hues with stylish long layers.<br /><br /> The young singer decided to go for the soft waves hairdo as the best look for her first appearance after giving birth to their first baby with Pete Wentz. The choice was indeed a successful one as she limits the use of waves only to the ends and keeps the top sleek paired with a dark roots hair tone ingredients which make up the smashing recipe to an A-list celebrity do.<br /><br /> <br />With a similar picture-perfect do she won the heart of fans with her stylish layered and red locks. Ashlee decided to pair the long layers with side swept bangs as well as a similar classy red hair tone which makes her do even more voguish. Long is the real deal for the year therefore she managed to adapt to the latest trends.<br /> <br />Sporting this Goth chic style black hair color Ashlee Simpson completely broke with the tradition of Simpson girls sporting their cute blonde and long locks. The choppy layered do matched with this profound hue were yet another means for the young diva to intrigue the public.<br /><br /> After years of sporting her long locks Ashlee decided to make a smashing statement with he short layered Bob do which brings out the best of her youthful and girly features with a tint of alternative flair. Those who are fond of the cutting edge hair dressing designs should definitely follow her footstep and go short also adopting a brand new hair color. <br /><br />