Anna Paquin is undoubtedly one of those celebrities who managed to stay in the spotlight from early childhood since the glamorous adulthood. Indeed she enjoyed the admiration of film critics as well as fans from the age of 11 when she won the Best Supporting Oscar for her prominent role in ‘The Piano’. These and the following appearances on the screen as in the ‘X-Men’ movie as well as recently the HBO hyper-popular series ‘True Blood’ brought her the world-wide fame.

Millions of teens and even co-celebrities were charmed by the classy and romantic look of the aspiring actress. Her predictable still worth-admiring apparels and hairstyles earned her an acclaimed role in the Hall of Fame of great style idol Hollywood sweethearts.

Anna Paquin’s choice of hair color are at least shocking. Her hair dyeing experiments line up the brunette and blonde variations. Indeed her refined taste for class is reflected by these skillful options. Undoubtedly both of these shades managed to accentuate her innocent and sensual features.

During her ‘dark’ period she paired the stylish updos with porcelain skin and an ‘au naturel’ makeup. On the other hand the blonde tresses lighten and add a sparkling red carpet glow to her look.

Polished and flawless updos are among Ms Paquin’s favorite hairstyles. Matching the smooth and sleek tresses with her red carpet attires ghostly echo Grace Kelly’s finesse and Oscar look. The ‘True Blood’ actress remains true to the principles of sophisticated femininity.

The Greek Goddess waves further emphasize Anna Paquin’s fairy-look. The loose and wavy tresses styled with a noble simplicity became trademarks of the glamorous actress. Her public appearances are defined by the romance that this hair styling offers her. Either pinned up in a half-updo or let flowing on her shoulders, the cascading curls win the heart of delicate hairstyle fans.

Pairing the no-makeup look with the chic donwdos and loose updos proves to be the best rick to steal the show and immediately grasp the attention of the public. As an eternally overwhelming presence on the glam events.

Anna Paquin’s semi-formal hairstyles can be just as inspiring as the more dazzling ones. Enhancing her waves with a stylish side updo or just leaving nature do the job for her, are creative and extremely flattering styling ideas. Loose waves parted to the side seem to occupy a respected place in the actress’s hairstyle repertoire. Both on the movie screen and in real life she seems to find the these angelic locks the best way to emphasize her young and alluring features.