The ever changing and evolving celebrity looks encourage us to launch a real adventure in the world of modern haircuts that would add a cutting edge flair to our plain appearance. Models are some of the most creative promoters of the new hair dressing order that popularizes the use of more revolutionary cutting techniques and hair color ideas. Agyness Deyn hair style icon is one of the most amazing and inspiring models and rising actress and singer who managed to embed her unique personality to the catwalk though this might seem a pretty controlled and guided field.

Back then with a boy crop cute cut with her androgynous silhouette still girlish facial features she conquered the world with her unique attitude towards hair styling and fashion in general. These are some of the most iconic haircuts that enjoy huge popularity also thanks to the way she promoted them. Draw some inspiration from her signature looks and embrace them if you had doubts about the versatility of short crops.

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Agyness Deyn brought the classy as well as ‘twsited’ Bob haircut into the public sense by her trademark looks. The classic ear-length style, tamed or tousled would make the proper fashion statement especially when sported in her natural and alternative manner. The softened ends as well as the uniform length would create the impression of a muted and at the same time classy hair style. The fab effect of the strands was further accentuated with her platinum blonde hair color. This stylish combo both when sported sleek and smooth as well as curled and in a more Retro-inspired diva style marked the hair style evolution of Aggy.

As the real master of hair style transformations the 27 years old model also turned to a more edgy look when deciding to grow out her bowl cut and turn it into a cute tousled and old time Bob haircut. The black hair shade also managed to attract immediate attention due to the extreme change from Nordic blonde to black. The choppy layers would create a more alternative and scene or Punkish effect. Therefore as illustrated above with the choppy sections placed to the bangs area Agyness Deyn pulled off a voguish and uber-popular upgraded Bob haircut. Indeed this was one of the most popular options she ever made.

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Close-cropped hair styles were also some of the favorite options of the young model to bring out the best of her facial features and prove that short crops can be just as feminine and versatile as longer strands. Trimming the tresses extremely short or leaving them longer to be able to juggle with the various sections of the hair as the bangs and under-layers was one of the most creative tricks of hair stylist. Her dos bear the proofs of a spontaneous haircut with subtle definition.

The black bowl cut was indeed one of the hair styles that made the signature innocent and mode girl Agyness Deyn look simply vanish. However the old time look was soon replaced by this uber-futuristic haircut that would banish all the signs of the sylph-like model and enhanced the short crops with depth and dimension. The future of hair styling indeed reflects fondness for geometric patterns and angles also when it comes of hair cutting techniques. In spite of the curvy look the bowl cut still managed to create the impression of a stage hair style in its perfect definition and volume.

Finally when the public thought there can’t be nothing new under the sun when it comes of short haircuts, Agyness Deyn flaunted her buzz cut both in blonde as well as in a more natural tone. This is indeed an additional merit of the model to sport super-short haircuts that would still manage to highlight the soft and feminine features of her face. After a similar style bomb, the public is looking forward with a withheld breath to the brand new and enchanting looks of Agyness Deyn.