Get Charlize Theron's fabulous looking vintage rolls updo in 5 minutes or less by checking out the following step-by-step tutorial as gorgeous hair doesn't have to come with sweat!

Celebrity hairstyles have always been a great source of inspiration for fabulous hair and one of the stars that always manages to look impressive and inspirational is South-African goddess Charlize Theron. The actress doesn't always make super sophisticated, time consuming choices when it comes to her locks, so if you're looking for a fab 5 minute hairstyle idea, Charlize Theron's vintage rolls updo is a perfect choice to start with. Her vintage-inspired, rolled updo from the 'Snow White And The Huntsman' premiere proved to be incredibly low maintenance and its overall glamor allure has got hair enthusiasts buzzing with excitement, as sexy hair has never been so easy!
This is a fantastic updo style that oozes elegance, meaning it's a perfect choice for the holidays, a party or why not even the office, and all you need is a longer hair length, a few large bobby pins and a bit of hairspray.

This is a look that works with all hair textures, however, if you're looking for the best results, it's best to style your chic, vintage rolls on sleek straight tresses as this hair texture enhances the twists and adds that glam factor that makes jaws drop.

To start, brush out any tangles and have your bobby pins and hairspray on standby. Separate a section of hair from the side of the head you want the vintage rolls to be on and use your fingers to roll the hair starting from the ends and working your way up until the hair cannot be rolled any further. Now, if your hair is fine, it's best to spray a bit of hairspray on the hair strand prior to styling to prevent the hair from coming undone before you pin it into place. Once the hair loop is created, use two bobby pins to secure the roll on opposite sides, close to the scalp, before you move to the next section of hair and repeat the process.

Once all the hair is pinned, make sure you push the hair closer together to cover-up any gaps and create a uniform, glam roll updo. Spritz a bit of hairspray on your fresh coiffure and use your hand to smooth any flyaway hairs to bring perfection to your look and voila! Your locks look salon ready in 5 minutes or less, so give this easy updo hairstyle a try and prepare to be showered with compliments!

Photos courtesy of Getty Images & Lilith Moon YouTube