While no one can argue, the Oscars hairstyles are considered to be the most glamorous ‘dos of all red carpet hairstyles, the looks from the Oscar viewing and after parties are more relaxed in terms of dress code and thus celebrities can play a lot more with different hairstyles trends. 

Let’s see who rocked the best Oscars party hairstyles from the second most important award season events: the Vanity Fair Oscars 2016 Party and Elton John’s Oscar viewing party, which were rife with the hottest of celebrities.

2016 Oscar Party Hairstyles: Smooth and Straight

Young stars Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lawrence chose simple, straight hairstyles for their Vanity Fair Oscar Party looks. Taylor Swift rocked her chin-length bob with long, lash-tickling bangs that she debuted at the 2016 Grammys, while Jennifer Lawrence donned her platinum blonde angled bob with a relaxed finish that gave her a modern vibe. 

Oscars 2016 Party Hairstyles Taylor SwiftOscars 2016 Party Hairstyles Selena GomezOscars 2016 Party Hairstyles Jennifer Lawrence

2016 Oscar Party Hairstyles: Vintage Glam

Vintage lovers Dita Von Teese and Gwen Stefani rocked beautiful Old Hollywood curls at two different Oscar parties. Hilary Swank, Lana Del Rey and Elizabeth Banks have also drawn inspiration from past eras for their Oscar party hairstyles. 

Oscars 2016 Party Hairstyles Dita Von TeeseOscars 2016 Party Hairstyles Gwen StefaniOscars 2016 Party Hairstyles Hilary SwankOscars 2016 Party Hairstyles Lana Del ReyOscars 2016 Party Hairstyles Elizabeth Banks

2016 Oscar Party Hairstyles: Updos

Updos are ever-present at red carpet events and the Oscar parties are not different: Olivia Culpo rocked a slicked down bun, while Emily Clarke preferred a softer version with more texture. Kate Bosworth’s Oscar Party updo has a more glamorous vibe, while Amanda Peet wnet with a medium high chignon with a hint of lift at the roots.  

Oscars 2016 Party Hairstyles Olivia CulpoOscars 2016 Party Hairstyles Emily ClarkeOscars 2016 Party Hairstyles Kate BosworthOscars 2016 Party Hairstyles Amanda Peet

2016 Oscar Party Hairstyles: Slicked Back

Slicked back hairstyles are perfect when you want jewelry take center stage. Kelly Rowland, Liberty Ross and Mary J Blige all wore the trend, showing off their glamorous jewelry pieces.

Oscars 2016 Party Hairstyles Kelly RowlandOscars 2016 Party Hairstyles Liberty RossOscars 2016 Party Hairstyles Mary J Blige

2016 Oscar Party Hairstyles: Curls and Waves Galore

Curly and wavy hairstyles were the most popular hairstyle choice at the 2016 Oscar parties. Jessica Alba, Mariah Carey and Sarah Hyland all preferred a more polished curl, while Mindy Kaling, Amy Adams and Ashley Greene donned a more relaxed finish. 

Oscars 2016 Party Hairstyles Jessica AlbaOscars 2016 Party Hairstyles Mariah CareyOscars 2016 Party Hairstyles Mindy KalingOscars 2016 Party Hairstyles Sarah H
ylandOscars 2016 Party Hairstyles Amy AdamsOscars 2016 Party Hairstyles Ashley Greene

2016 Oscar Party Hairstyles: Ponytails

Ponytails were also present among the Oscar party hairstyles, with Diane Kruger and Hailey Baldwin rocking two different versions. 

Oscars 2016 Party Hairstyles Diane KrugerOscars 2016 Party Hairstyles Hailey Baldwin

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