The 2013 Critics' Choice Awards brought a myriad of spectacular hairstyles into the spotlight. See who dominated the show this year hairstyle-wise.

It's that time of the year again when celebs set the tone for the season with their glam looks and the 2013 Critics' Choice Awards have certainly managed to strengthen this belief even more. Whether the Critics' Choice Awards really are a predictor for the Oscars is still open for debate, but we can tell you with absolute certainty that the beauty and style choices for the event can be a magnificent source of insight for those looking for a fab style statement overall.

If the 2013 People's Choice Awards hairstyles were focused on the effortless chic allure, the Critics' Choice 2013 hairstyles are a bit more sophisticated, especially as far as updos are concerned. Here's a short breakdown of the big night's most glamorous celebrity hairstyles:

Soft Wavy/Curly Hairstyles

Emmy Rossum Hairstyle at 2013 Critics Choice Awards Jamie Kin Hairstyle at 2013 Critics Choice Awards Jessica Chastain Hairstyle at 2013 Critics Choice Awards Amy Adams Hairstyle at 2023 Critics Choice Awards

There are some things that never change. Among them is the fact that tackling the old Hollywood glamor is a surefire way to create a classy look every single time. This safe yet highly effective approach got many adepts. The vintage allure was tackled superbly by Emmy Rossum who chose a classic soft makeup look to complete her outstanding look.

Refinement with an understated touch was a great choice for Jessica Chastain and her loose curls were the perfect complement for her ultra feminine outfit. Amy Adams and Jaime King also stepped on the red carpet rocking gorgeous hairdos that emphasized the same fab theme.

Feminine Updos

Amanda Seyfried Updo at 2013 Critics Choice Awards Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyle at 2013 Critics Choice Awards Marion Cotillard Updo at 2013 Critics Choice Awards Molly Sims Updo at 2013 Critics Choice Awards

Despite the undisputable glam factor soft waves and loose curls bring to the table, it's always hard to top the elegance given by a flawlessly styled updo. Here, the options were a bit more varied yet it was Amanda Seyfried who irrevocably drawn all cameras on her with a magnificent geometric updo which brought a fresh approach on the top knot look.

Consistency was Jennifer Lawrence's secret to hitting the best hair list: her gorgeous side swept bun highlighted her best facial features. Actress Molly Sims opted for an elegant style statement by choosing a high volume ballerina bun while French star Marion Cotillard, on the other hand, took a subtle approach and dazzled with a fabulous low bun hairstyle.

Sleek Ponytails

Eva Longoria Hairstyle at 2013 Critics Choice Awards Nina Dobrev Hairstyle at 2013 Critics Choice Awards

Ponytails don't have to be the go-to casual hairstyle choice. A few simple style tricks can instantly transform a simple pony into a showstopping 'do. The elegant approach on the beloved style instantly put two well known actresses on the best tressed list.

Eva Longoria and Nina Dobrev both opted for a youthful ponytail hairstyle which had the best of both worlds: the sophistication that is expected from 2013 Critics' Choice Awards hairstyles, or any other high profile event for that matter, and the deceiving effortless touch which always emphasizes the “I don't need to work hard to look fab” allure that everyone craves but few manage to tackle.

With so many thought provoking hairstyle choices, our appetite for more spectacular looks for the upcoming awards is dangerously approaching to the insatiable state. Good thing there's so little time left until the 2013 edition of the Golden Globe Awards!

Photos: PR Photos