A great show, fabulous performances, fancy outfits and gorgeous beauty looks are just some of the elements that made the 28th MTV Video Music Awards memorable. All the A-list celebrities present at the event have done their best to impress the audience and they certainly didn’t disappoint. Aside from a recognition of talent and hard work, the show also offered some interesting style insights as far as the the fall 2011 beauty trends are concerned.

Classy, simple and elegant or modern, unexpected and bold, the hairstyles chosen have really reflected the main style influences the stars have usually adopted for their public appearances. As far as the makeup looks are concerned, most celebrities placed emphasis on their eyes while keeping their lips glossy and seductive. Let’s analyze last evening’s beauty looks a little more in depth:

Loose hairstyles seem to have taken the place of more highly elaborate hairstyles such as updos. Although some interesting updo hairstyles were still present, loose waves and curls along with pin straight tresses were the most popular choices for the event. Demi Lovato chose cascading curls to complete her bold sparkly outfit. Her glossy ombre hair color created a subtle contrast that highlighted her features superbly. A smoky eye makeup look paired with a sheer glossy peach lip gloss tone completed her red carpet look.

Katie Holmes went for sophisticated yet low key loose waves and a simple center part to show off her delicate features. The natural makeup style she chose suited her perfectly. Nicole Polizzi a.k.a Snooki gave up her signature look for the event and opted for end-curls with an elegant vibe. Her bold, shimmery eye makeup was toned down by her glossy pale pink lips. British songstress Adele chose a set of glamorous high volume retro curls and kept her makeup style simple, emphasizing her fabulous eyes and keeping her lips natural.

Beyonce chose a fab reverse ombre ponytail that allowed her to show off her massive earrings that suited her asymmetric outfit perfectly. Her natural makeup look gave her a classy and extremely refined allure. Kat DeLuna showed off a fab pin straight hairstyle with a visible center part. Smoky eyes and glossy lips were the makeup choices that made her stand out. Both recently married Kim Kardashian and songstress and model Nayer have made similar hairstyle and makeup choices. Playful straight tresses and well emphasized eyes have made both of them stand out in style.

Victoria Justice chose pin straight tresses with side swept bangs and perfectly contoured fuchsia lips with subtle eye makeup in order to impress and she definitely achieved her goal as she was one of the most elegant celebs on the red carpet. Kelly Rowland chose a glossy loose straight hairstyle paired with face-framing bangs that instantly drew attention to her best features. With subtle cat eyes and glossy lips she managed to tackle the effortless chic look.

Not all celebrities chose to play by the traditional style rules. Katy Perry and Nicky Minaj thought out of the box and instantly became memorable thanks to their unusual choices. Katy Perry chose an unusual yet ultra flatting pink shade for her tresses and chose loose curls and a fabulous accessory to complete her colorful look. She chose to empathize both her eyes and lips and she looked absolutely spectacular. Nicky Minaj went for something even bolder as she chose a blond and pink statement updo, neon green eyeshadow, false eyelashes and bright pink lipstick to ensure she won’t be easily forgotten.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images