Weight fluctuations are refer to the constant weight gain and weight loss cycle. They are very frustrating and can leave an unwanted print over the skin. Weight fluctuations can cause the skin to stretch and shrink, and with time the skin can loose it’s elasticity, causing the skin to sag.

These weight fluctuations can occur due to many factors like :

Hormonal changes in your body can cause water retention, thus gaining a little bit of weight. After the hormone levels have been balanced the water retained in our body will be eliminated thus leading to weight loss.

Water can also be retained because of eating too much salt. Salt traps and helps the body to retain water, thus leading to weight gain due to water retention.

Stress can cause a lack of appetite or for some people an increase of appetite. Eating more than your body needs will cause your body to store the extra calorie intake under the form of fat deposits, making you gain weight. If you lack appetite your body will not get all the calories it needs in order to function properly and will use the fat from the fat deposits in order to get it’s energy supply. Burning fat will cause you to lose weight.

Unhealthy eating can also be a cause of gaining and losing weight. Unhealthy foods are not only bad for the body because of all the chemicals and high calorie intake contained. They are not as nourishing as healthy foods thus making you hungry more often.

The more you eat the more calories will be added to your body and the calories that will not be burned by the body to transform them into energy will be stored as fat deposits. If fat begins to be stored we begin to gain weight. If the calorie intake is smaller than what the body normally needs it will use the fat from the fat deposits to get it’s energy, causing the body to loose weight.

If you are fluctuating in weight it is best to take control of the situation. Start calculating your calorie intake. Most women need about 2000 calories a day in order to maintain their weight but it can differ from women to women by age, sex, activity.

Start eating healthy foods, foods that are beneficial for the organism and don’t contain so many chemicals. Reduce as much as possible salt consumption to avoid water retention. Weigh yourself every week to check for any weight fluctuations. Consult a nutritionist or a physician in case you keep fluctuating in weight constantly no matter what you do. Beauty comes by staying healthy.