Consuming raw foods is an excellent way to provide our body with all the essential vitamins and enzymes that otherwise would be destroyed due to the high cooking temperatures. Cooking changes the chemical structure of foods and diminishes their nutritious value as well.

Raw foodism or rawism, as it is also called, is based on the fact that raw, natural plants are extremely beneficial for the organism and the proper functioning of the body. Read more about the advantages and health benefits of raw food diet.

Those who follow a raw food diet claim that approximately 75% of your daily diet must be composed of raw unprocessed food. Raw food diet is not about weight loss, but more about enjoying the numerous health benefits this program provides you with. While some people might feel that this diet is very restrictive, others say that they feel better, freer and more energetic. The most important benefits of raw food diet are: general health, detoxification, and weight loss. Raw foods are simple and effective ways to boost the metabolic processes of the body and loose some pounds. As you may know raw food goes hand in hand with health and eating raw foods is a great way to maintain a healthy body and a fresh mind.

Unprocessed food generally means fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that go straight from the plant to your plate. Let’s see which are those staple unprocessed foods that you can eat if you follow a raw food diet:

Fresh fruits and vegetables





Whole grains[/item


Spices and natural herbs

Dried fruits

Purified water

If you want to stick to your diet you should get used to special techniques used for the preparation of raw food, such as: chopping, blending, dehydrating, straining, peeling or sprouting, in order to create delicious meals every day. This way you can add some variety to your daily meals and make them more digestible for your stomach. Many raw foodists are raw vegans as well, although some people consume eggs and cheese made out of raw milk.

When it comes to drinks, there are a large number of beverages that can be consumed in order to keep yourself to the principles of rawism. You can make dozens of delicious juices from all kinds of fresh, natural fruits by squeezing them or juicing them. If you opt for this type of diet make sure you save yourself some time daily in order to prepare these healthy juices. Store bought fruit juices may contain artificial additives and preservatives so you better choose the more time consuming but entirely natural method of preparing them for yourself.

If you want to prepare delicious and varied meals, you have countless amazing raw food recipes available on the Internet. This way you can create some exciting tastes so that your everyday meals will be far from being boring. Instead of using traditional ovens, make sure you purchase a food dehydrator, which gives crunch to foods making them even tastier. These great kitchen appliances also use heat, although they work with lower temperatures, in order to preserve all the essential vitamins and enzymes of fruits and veggies, which are indispensable for a proper digestion. You can use juice extractors, choppers and blenders to save time and effort as well.

If you start a raw food diet, you may need a lot of determination and time. Although pay attention to avoid nutritional deficiencies such as calcium, iron, B2 or proteins. Therefore, in similar cases, you will have to supplement your body with elementary vitamins and nutrients to maintain the healthy balance of your organism and feel great every day.