Re-organize the constant of your plates and start a healthy diet plan that allows you to consume the most delicious servings. The only condition to cut back on calories and break down fat deposits is to include the weight loss foods below into your weekly menu. Get rid of extra pounds in no time with this brief list of fat burning ingredients worth experimenting with.


Prepare the most delicious salads using endives. These veggies are super-rich in water (no less than 95%) and have an extremely low calorie content. The iron, calcium and potassium will help you load your organism with energy and flush out fat without dieting. Serve it as a side dish and mix it preferably with lettuces.

Pitta Bread

Consume the healthy version of your fave breads and pastry products. Whole grain pitta bread is perfect to make sure you cut back on calories.

Provide your organism with the necessary amount of fiber for the perfect functioning of your metabolism. Save yourself from cravings with the consumption of pitta bread which slows down digestion and gives you a sense of fullness for a longer period.

Collard Greens

Fill your stomach with tasty collard greens to make sure you control your hunger with ease. The calcium, vitamin C and fiber content will guarantee the proper functioning of your digestive system.

Cut back on calories without great sacrifices by considering this green leafy salad. Look for recipes that include this magical ingredient and lose weight more efficiently with a well-defined diet plan.


If you’re ready to re-think your meal plan and include the most popular fat burning fruits into your diet, consider the slimming effect of quince. This delicious fruit is rich in fiber and can keep your metabolism on top speed. Due to its acidic taste it is consumed merely in its cooked form. Remove the seeds because these are poisonous.


Numerous dietitians promote the fat burning effect of muesli. Mix the unsweetened cereals with low-fat milk and yogurts for a delicious breakfast. Skim through the ingredients list and make sure your fave muesli is free from additives and sugar. Take full advantage of the nutrient content of this delicious food item and skip the ice cream or chocolate topping.


These nuts are perfect to pack your organism with vitamins and antioxidants. Boost your metabolism with these fiber-rich ingredients that serve as the best option for healthy snacks. Grab a handful of filberts if you wish to tame your cravings. Explore the magical benefit of nuts on your organism by incorporating them into your daily menu.

Weight Loss Foods

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