Created by Barbara Rolls, PhD, the Volumetrics diet is very similar to sensible advice any nutritionist will give you, but it was especially created for people who don’t want to eat less food when they’re trying to lose weight.

By swapping high-calorie foods with low-calorie high-volume foods, the diet helps you eat a lot less calories, while still helping you feel full after every meal. Find out more about the pros and cons of the Volumetrics diet before buying the book – “The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet”.

Pros of the Volumetrics Diet

While replacing high-calorie foods with lower calorie foods that are just as filling, you’ll be able to eat as much or even more, while losing weight at a rate of up to 1-2 pounds a week with the Volumetrics diet.

Very Easy to Follow

The Volumetrics diet plan is very simple, and after learning the basics, you’ll be able to make tweaks to your favorite recipes and still enjoy them while getting less calories. Without any bans, high-calorie foods with lots of fat are still present in the Volumetrics diet book, but dieters are encourages to eat them a lot less often.

Healthy Salad

Clear Guidelines Without Calorie Counting

The Volumetrics diet outlines four categories of foods, and it won’t make you count calories, simply choose your meals a bit more wisely. Category 1 includes fruits, non-starchy vegetables and vegetable soups, as anytime foods. Category 2 contains whole grains, lean protein, low-fat dairy and legumes, foods that you can eat most of the time. Category 3 includes smaller portions of high-calorie foods like fatty meats, cheeses and desserts. Fried foods, along with candy and nuts are in Category 4, foods you shouldn’t eat regularly.

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Excellent for Long-Term Weight Loss

If you’re looking for a sustainable weight loss plan that doesn’t deliver instant weight loss, but helps you slim down and stay healthy in the long-run, the Volumetrics diet plan is an excellent choice. After learning how to pick the right foods, you won’t have any trouble following it for a year or more.

Will Help You Feel Full

The Volumetrics diet book offers advice that won’t leave you hungry. You’re allowed three meals, two snacks, and a dessert each day, and even alcohol (as long as you choose low-energy options like light beers, wine coolers and gin-and-tonics).

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Healthy for Everybody

While the results of the Volumetrics diet are guaranteed in the long run, this set of dietary guidelines will also be beneficial to your health and is recommended for everyone, including children, pregnant women and people who suffer from diabetes.

Family Diet

Doesn’t Cost Much

The Volumetrics diet recipes you’ll find in Barbara Rolls’ book don’t contain special ingredients that cost a lot. After you purchase “The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet”, there are no subscription fees or advice that will increase your grocery bills significantly.

Can Be Easily Adapted

Vegans can easily tweak recipes and substitute ingredients from the recipes found in the Volumetrics diet book, and dieters who want to stay gluten-free can also make substitutions, while paying attention to the general guidelines.

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Cons of the Volumetrics Diet

Unlike other diets, the Volumetrics meal plan allows you to make the best choices when it comes to food, and that means that short term weight loss is not guaranteed.

Weight Loss Could Take a While

If you’re eating a high-calorie, high-fat diet, you might notice results right away, but dieters who are already eating some healthy foods might struggle to stay motivated without fast results. The Volumetrics diet recipes can be further adapted to your taste, but there’s no online community to guide you and keep you motivated.

Weight Loss

Eating Out Is Up to You

While eating out is allowed, you’ll have to make your own choices to follow the Volumetrics diet. Starting a meal with soups and salads can fill you up faster, but asking for dressing on the side is something you should do every time.

Doesn’t Restrict All Alcoholic Beverages

Since you’re allowed some alcohol, and advised to avoid high-calorie cocktails like margaritas and pina coladas, alcoholic beverages increase the risk of making the wrong choice, especially when you’re eating out.

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