Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin due to the fact that the sun has a great influence over its development. Our body needs vitamins in order to function properly and vitamin deficiencies can have a major impact over the health.

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms are meant to pull the alarm signal and signal you that something is wrong. It seems that along time a close bond formed between Vitamin D and calcium, as vitamin D favors calcium absorption. This means that a vitamin D deficiency will have an impact over the bones, normal growth rate, cell growth and immune system. In order to ensure the body receives all the vitamin D it needs one must turn to three sources: sun exposure, vitamin supplements and food. Because we live in a modern world it is necessary to understand that to get the vitamin D necessary from food one must turn to healthy foods as only healthy foods contain the vitamins we all need. People who don’t pay attention to their diet and eat mostly unhealthy, processed food are most definitely affected by a vitamin D deficiency.

The severe symptoms caused by vitamin D deficiency are:

In Children

severe growth retardation

bone deformities

bowed legs


bowed arms

In Adults

decrease of the intestinal calcium absorption

secondary hyperparathyroidism



bone pain

muscle weakness

Vitamin D deficiencies can have long term effects this is why it is a good idea to ensure the organism all the vitamin D it needs through sun exposure, healthy eating or through vitamin supplements. Spending time in the sun is beneficial for you and your skin as long as the exposure is not excessive so allow yourself time to spend outside in the sunlight.

Other symptoms which can show you are suffering from a vitamin D deficiency are:

persistent colds


multiple sclerosis


The reasonable daily allowance when it comes to vitamin D intake from birth until the age of 50 is between 200 and 400 IU and for people over 50 between 400 and 800 IU depending on age.

Vitamin D deficiency prevention

In order to prevent a vitamin D deficiency one must try to expose the skin to sunlight without using any sunscreen as the suns rays will not penetrate the skin thereby reducing the amount of vitamin D produced. Turn yo healthy foods rich in vitamin D such as oily fish, vitamin D fortified milk, cereal and bread. Lead a healthy lifestyle and you will feel much healthier.