In order to succeed with your weight loss project it is important to embrace a healthy eating plan. This can help you lose a few stubborn pounds without having to struggle with starvation. Moreover, the following very low calorie foods for weight loss are packed with minerals and anti-oxidants.

These will guarantee the proper functioning of your metabolism and protect you from any severe diseases that affect your digestive system. Learn more about the best solutions for the quickest weight loss.


Carrots have 35kcal/100g and these veggies also contain a miraculous element that plays a huge role in the perfect functioning of your metabolism. Beta-carotene and Alpha-carotene are some of the A-list ingredients to eliminate toxins from your organism. Moreover, have them raw or steamed depending on your preferences. Carrots when consumed on a daily basis will definitely make you feel more energetic and healthy.


Mangos have 576 kcal/100g and are perfect to load your organism with potassium, vitamin C and E along with fiber. Consume these healthy fruits for the energy boost mangoes offer to your body.

Those who are constantly tempted by sugary treats can consider these ingredient as the perfect snack to tame their cravings.

Hard Boiled Eggs

One hard boiled egg contains no more than 76 calories. Protein is essential to keep our metabolism in top shape.

Therefore, make a few boiled eggs for the main meals and pack your organism with A, D, B and E vitamins along with calcium and iron. These essential ingredients will give you a sense of satiety and serve as the perfect energy bomb for your body.


1 oz of green olives has 41 kcal. Therefore, it is highly recommended to swap any sugary treats with this low calorie snack. This nutritive element has endless benefits including monounsaturated fats, antioxidants as well as vitamins and minerals. Besides protecting your body from severe diseases, olives can also keep you on the right track of losing a few pounds.

Fruity Popsicle

Prepare your own fruity Popsicle by mixing a delicious flavor with sugar free juice. Place this mixture into the freezer and eat these treats when in need for a tasty reward. Each Popsicle contains no more than 5 kcal, as a consequence, it is the perfect alternative to cut back on calories and lose weight in a healthy way. The only condition to guarantee their positive impact on your slimming project is to use only sugar-free juices.

Very Low Calorie Foods

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