Nowadays there are tons of resources and approaches designed to tackle weight loss from every possible point of view. Getting stuck in a tunnel vision approach toward losing weight can definitely deprive us from a multitude tricks that can be used to optimize our behavior. Renew your commitment to your goal with some of the few simple diet tricks listed.

Postpone dinner With so many years of hearing that eating late at night will cause us to pack on pounds with lightening speed, this advice feels extremely counterintuitive. However, staying up late can trigger intense cravings and even hunger, so postponing dinner when necessary might actually prove an effective calorie saving strategy.

Avoid listening to commercials Are you ready to swear that advertising has no influence over your behavior? You might want to suspend that belief if you are trying to lose weight. Statistics clearly show the fact that both children and adults are more likely to snack more when exposed to food advertising. Save yourself from thinking exactly how unbelievably decadent a treat is by finding a more productive activity during commercial breaks.

Online weight loss programs Can’t stand the thought of cutting back on your online time? Then make the most of it by signing in for online counseling. A study done by Brown University School of Medicine followed the progress of people who received online counseling vs people who got none over a one year period.

Surprisingly enough, those who received weekly e-mails with tips, advice or encouragement managed to shed 5 1/2 pounds more than those who did not receive any. Check out online programs that offer similar services to see if they benefit you.

Wear form fitting clothes during holidays and special events Not only you’ll be able to highlight your best features in a fashionable way, but you’ll also have a built in gentle reminder of moderation when snacking. Also, focus on tasting 3 or 4 of your top favorite foods rather than taking little bites of everything and your waistline will thank you.

Dump mushy vegetables When was the last time you found mushy vegetables appetizing? Never? Then do your best to learn to love vegetables by selecting the right textures, combos, sauces and dishes that will tempt you instead of making you force yourself to eat them. With so many recipes available, there’s no reason to stick to traditional dishes and cooking methods. Having pre-cut veggies at close reach can make everything easier.

Try different beverages If you look for fancy cocktails and alcoholic drinks in order to unwind and cutting them altogether when dieting seems too much like deprivation, try switching your choices instead. Experience new sensations by choosing something that you don’t normally try. Take time to enjoy the experience rather than quickly moving to another drink. This way, you’ll avoid calorie overload without taking the fun out of social gatherings.

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