In order to get rid of extra pounds it is a must to consume a high amount of healthy and fiber-rich ingredients. The top rapid fat burning foods presented below will furnish you with a set of alternatives to resist the temptation of munching.

Include these veggies, seeds and fruits into your meal plan to provide your body with minerals and antioxidants. These elements contribute to a quicker and more dramatic weight loss process.

Brown Rice

Tame your hunger with delicious dishes that use brown rice. Thanks to its high fiber and manganese content, this ingredient is used with confidence in the most popular slimming diets. Lower your cholesterol level and consume rice which can spare you from the guilt of overeating.

Brussels Sprouts

Increase the fiber intake during your diet in order to keep your metabolism on top speed. Consume Brussels sprouts to get your daily vitamin C and K dose.

The organism needs more energy to break down these delicious veggies, therefore you’ll be able to burn more calories with the regular consumption of Brussels sprouts. Cravings are no longer a problem if you decided to pamper your tasting buds with ambrosial salads and meals using this magical ingredient.


Eggplants are used to prepare tasty stews, fried meals or soups. Due to their high potassium, magnesium and folic acid content these veggies are considered some of the healthiest ingredients that must be included into a healthy diet.

Eggplants can provide your organism with the necessary amount of fiber in order to break down the already existing fat deposits.


Citrus fruits in general can help you lose weight visibly. The acid content boosts the body’s ability to dilute the fat and eliminate free radicals. Moreover, limes are also perfect to keep your cholesterol on the ideal level.


Prepare delicious meals using lobster and other protein-rich ingredients. Pair lobsters with green vegetables to balance out the calorie intake. Rethink your diet and make sure you swap red meat for crabs, shrimps or the most delicious lobsters that are super-low in calories.


Prunes are natural constipation remedies and have the power to cleanse your colon from free radicals. Flush out fat with the regular consumption of these dry plums. Furthermore, the concentrated fiber from these fruits can also do magic with your metabolism.

Top Fat Burning Foods

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