The warm season is the perfect time to strip off a few stubborn pounds and cleanse your organism from the worst free agents. A complete detox plan includes the consumption of healthy ingredients loaded with antioxidants. Discover the positive impact of the following detox foods for summer.

Indulge yourself into a fascinating experience of changing your nutritional habits. Energy is essential to complete your daily schedule, therefore make sure you include veggies, fruits and other elements into your daily meal plan.


Discover the healthy benefits of beets by including them into your nutritive diet plan. These veggies are ultra-rich in anti-oxidants, potassium as well as fiber and magnesium. The regular consumption of beets can detox your liver and contributes to the proper functioning of your digestive system. Have them in your tasty salads or eat them raw depending on your preferences.

Blood Orange

Citrus fruits are some of the A-list elements of the perfect detox diet. Explore the fabulous effect of blood orange on your organism. Let anti-oxidants and vitamin C do the cleansing job in your organism.

These elements will help you lose weight without noticing it. Collect a few delicious recipes that include this ingredient and make sure you swap sugary treats for nutritive blood oranges.


Opt for ambrosial cherries to load your body with anti-oxidants and energy. Vitamin C and iron are essential for the proper cleansing process.

Consume a medium-sized bowl per day to make sure your metabolism is maintained on high speed. Moreover, cherries have the power to regulate your sleep patterns. Prepare delicious fruit salads and desserts using these healthy ingredients.


Turmeric contains an essential ingredient for a healthy detox. Curcumin is the element that gives the yellowish shade to this veggie. This natural cleansing food is considered one of the most efficient remedies to eliminate toxins from the liver and the organism in general. Sprinkle a few pinches of turmeric powder into your salads to make these meals even more beneficial for your slimming project.


In order to make the best of your detox diet, make sure you pay special attention to the planning of your meals. Choose recipes that include watercress, as this ingredient has a natural diuretic effect, perfect to help you eliminate free agents for your organism. Thanks to its high mineral-content, it will load your body with energy. Put a handful of watercress on your sandwich or a delicious green salad to make sure you take full advantage of the miraculous effect of this ingredient.

Summer Detox Foods

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