You have tried everything, you said “NO” to all you favorite foods and started eating only salads, but you just can fit in that nice dress you like. Maybe you made some mistakes that can be crucial in a diet. Here are six mistakes that you can avoid.

1. Skipping breakfast Experts say that people who are on diet should take five small meals a day, three main meals and two snacks. According to a study, this rule is ignored by almost 95% of those who are keeping a diet. And almost every time breakfast is the one being skipped. Even if it’s tempting to skip breakfast when you’re trying to lose weight think that this strategy would only increase your hunger and you’ll eat more at lunch and throughout the day. Because you’re so famished, you’ll want to eat everything you see. Breakfast is also very important because it helps you start off your day. So, have something for breakfast, even if it’s just oatmeal with plain yogurt.

2. Replacing meals with protein bars Although for the moment these bars quench your hunger, less than half an hour later you’ll feel again the need to eat. Because these bars cannot replace a healthy meal. Our body needs lots of nutrients that can be found only in fruits and vegetables, cereals and animal products. Therefore, try to eat regularly and use proteins bars occasionally.

3. Not enough water in your diet Water consumption should increase during a diet, experts say. Water is necessary as it helps burning calories. In some cases, however, water can be replaced with tea (sweetened with honey) or with fresh homemade juice. Honey is good only in small quantities because it contains many sugars. Also, in order to obtain a glass of juice you need five fruits, which means a large amount of fructose. Therefore choose to drink only water during your diet. This way, you’ll be hydrated, and according to experts, water cuts appetite.

4. Give up easy Sometimes, you may not feel ready for a diet and so you give up quickly. Specialists say that this thing occurs often because our body is suddenly deprived of all the usual foods. But there is a solution in this, too. There is a period of one week or two when you prepare your body before starting the diet. Therefore, make a list of all forbidden foods in a diet and gradually dropped them. Also, you can choose the low-calorie version of these foods. For example, you can replace meat with soy. At some point, you will notice that the body no longer requires those foods. Only then you can consider yourself ready to keep a diet.

5. Self-starvation This is a frequent mistake that people on diet do. And most of them think that one day of good eating can be remedied with one day of starvation. Specialists say that this kind of extreme diet can lead to serious health problems.

6. Not including exercises into your diet Many women understand diet as a way of cutting some aliments in their eating habits. But doing exercises or simply walking for 30 minutes will help your body burning calories faster.

Diet Tips!

Eat every four hours and quench your hunger with vegetables.

If you feel like eating one of the “bad foods” for your diet, don’t deprive yourself, because you’ll see the diet as a torture, so it won’t work. Have your favorite foods but in moderation.

Whenever you feel the need to eat something, drink a glass of water first. This will fill your stomach and force you to eat less.

Do not eat in excess before you exercise.

Do not go to bed if you feel hungry. Better eat a vegetable. Otherwise, you risk to get up at night and eat anything you find in the refrigerator.[/item

Whenever you feel the need to eat something sweet, take a teaspoon of honey or a little milk powder.

Do not start a diet if you follow a treatment based on antibiotics.