Eating the right foods is a key factor in having healthy and shiny hair. Moreover, they also contain the necessary amount of vitamins and nutrients for hair growth, so you should definitely take a look at our 8 foods for hair growth list.

Hair Growth Food: Salmon

Salmon is definitely one of our 8 top foods for hair growth. It’s very rich in vitamin D, protein and omega-3 fatty acids which are essential when it comes to hair growth. So, if you’re longing for healthier hair, we recommend trying this hair growth food.

Foods for Hair Growth: Oysters

Specialists say that our hair is about 97% protein, so why not provide our hair with one of the best hair growth foods? Oysters are very rich in zinc, which is vital in keeping your scalp healthy and facilitating hair growth. Try to include this great hair growth food in your diet and you’ll soon see great results.

Seafood For Hair Growth

Food for Hair Growth: Nuts

Nuts are also perfect when it comes to hair growth foods. Some of them, such as Brazil nuts, are very rich in selenium, a great mineral that will help you keep your scalp healthy and will make your hair grow fast.

Hair Growth Foods: Eggs

We should also include eggs amongst our top 8 foods for hair growth. They’re incredible sources of protein, vitamin B-12 and biotin which will help you keep your hair healthy and accelerate hair growth. You won’t regret trying out this hair growth food.

Tasty Hair Growth Foods: Carrots

Carrots For Hair Growth

Carrots are a great tasty food for hair growth because they’re rich in vitamin A, essential for your scalp’s health and good vision. Why not try this hair growth food as a snack between main meals? It will offer you nutrients and speed-up hair growth!

Top Foods for Hair Growth: Blueberries

Blueberries also have a spot in our top foods for hair growth list. They’re rich in vitamin C which is great for blood circulation. So, this vitamin will support scalp circulation, thus hair growth. An incredible food and delicious food, right?

Great Hair Growth Food: Spinach

We think spinach is a great hair growth food that you should add to your diet. This incredible vegetable is rich in beta carotene, vitamin C and iron, great nutrients that will keep scalp oils circulating. Plus, it’s very tasty!

Best Foods for Hair Growth: Dairy Products

Low fat dairy products such as yogurt are amazing sources of calcium, essential for hair growth. This being said, we recommend trying out one of the best foods for hair growth. You won’t regret!

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