It seems that what we eat and especially how much we eat can affect our figure as well as our heath, leading to weight problems as well as health problems so learning about good nutrition, healthy lifestyles and tips to suppress your appetite is a must and can only be beneficial.

Your body needs food in order to function properly as food is the main vitamin and nutrient source which keeps us going. The foods represents the “fuel” for our body but not every “fuel” is beneficial. Healthy food is what our body needs and fast foods, processed foods and “heavy” foods are not beneficial for the organism at all. They offer empty calories with no nutritional value so your body gains weight but still signals you its hunger for vitamins and nutrients. Thus what we eat affects our body.

Because the stomach can get used to the amount of food eaten at one meal, with time you’ll find yourself eating more an more; you’ll gain weigh and your stomach will enlarge as it stretches to take-up all the food you offer. This is a definite no-no and in this case you need to know how to suppress your appetite. Your body needs a certain amount of food on daily basis and anything that is above its needs will get stored as fat. In this case you need to determine how any calories your body needs to maintain a healthy, ideal weight. The first step to achieve your ideal body weight is to kick out any bad health habits you have and adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and doing regular physical exercises.

Because nothing comes easy and because you might be feeling hungry even when you’re not supposed to (since you’ve probably been eating chaotically and unhealthy, you will need to learn some tips on how to suppress your appetite, so take the following tips into consideration:

1.Your body needs food in order to function properly so in no case you should avoid eating. One should eat 5 times a day; 3 regular meals and 2 snacks but if you feel that this routine doesn’t really work for you, try to eat more often but eat smaller portions. Your body doesn’t need big portions of food, so try a medium serving size, similar to the potions served in most restaurants.

2.Do not skip breakfast or lunch or dinner as each of these meals are important for your body. Make sure you eat healthy foods, rich in vitamins and nutrients. Eat your vegetables and don’t neglect your protein, healthy fats as well as fibers as your body needs the all in certain proportions.

3.Drink water whenever you are feeling hungry between meals. It is recommended you drink at least 8 glasses of water every single day so try to progressively increase your daily water intake until you reach the recommended daily intake. Water is highly beneficial for the body as it helps maintain the body hydrated, it helps maintain the skins elasticity, helps flush out the toxins in the body as well as helps with the fat burning process. Water has 0 calories so you can drink as much water as you wish.

4.Try to keep yourself occupied by doing something you love. It’s usually when you have nothing to do that the sensation of hunger (even if you just ate) takes over. If you do something you love, your mind will concentrate on the thing you are doing, thus the sensation of hunger will go away. The more you think about how hungry you’re getting the more hungry you’ll feel, so try to control yourself.

5.Eat foods which help suppress hunger naturally, leaving you with a sensation of fullness. These foods are apples, fish, eggs, etc. They are not foods with a high calorie content so you will be able to have that sensation of fullness without adding too many calories.

6.Eat slowly and use small plates to “trick” your body and mind that you are actually eating more. Chew your food well so that your stomach doesn’t have to do too much work in breaking down what you’re eating, this way helping speed u your metabolism and the absorption of food.

Do try to give these tips a try and see the results. Not eating healthy can leave a negative print over your health and body so try to change your lifestyle, be more active and eat healthy!