Aren’t you sick and tired about those starve-yourself diets that do nothing for you? From now on you’ll lose weight intelligently!

Is there a diet that won’t rouse you in a state of frustration and that won’t give the impression of constant limitation and restriction? Luckily there is! Read on the following tricks and you won’t need no miracle diet and what’s more important – there are no restrictions and will help you lose weight safely.

You can devour a pizza in just a few minutes, so that after you have remorses and regrets all day long. Here’s the trick: place the pizza on a dessert plate, thus the optical effect created (the pizza will appear gigantic in the tiny plate) will make you eat less as usual and this way you’ll reduce the caloric intake.

The Best Healthy Diet Tips

Smoothie drinks are extremely healthy and tasty! Try to prepare them yourself at home and you can be very creative! Smoothies are defined as a cold beverage that is made by mixing fruit and juice in a blender. When soy yogurt or soy-milk is used as an ingredient in smoothie recipes then additional health benefits will be obtained. A smoothie with soy milk or tofu is a also good source of healthy protein because it can lower your cholesterol. Bottled smoothies may contain very little fruit and lots of additives and flavors.

A new study shows that even the most skillful bartenders pour with 37 % more liquid in a small and wide glass ( as the whiskey glass), that in a narrow and long one (champagne glass). Therefore, when you’re tempted to drink alcohol, try to drink of those long and narrow glasses and you’ll notice that you’ll consume less of it and you know that alcohol is not your silhouette’s best friend. 😉

If you are concentrating on another activity while you’re eating, you’re more likely to overeat because you are not fully aware of how full you are feeling. This factor can be difficult to change because it is not a conscious action. Try to only eat when you don’t have a lot of other distractions. Sit down, eat slowly and enjoy the food you are eating, and remember that it is not always necessary to go back for seconds. It takes 20 minutes for food to reach your stomach and for your brain to register that you are full.