The Zone Diet is a very popular diet created by an American PhD. biochemist called Barry Sears. The diet is based on consuming 30 % fat, 30% protein and 40% carbs. Barry Sears believes that this ratio is exactly the ratio which can trigger the weight loss, this is why it is called “The Zone” Diet. This exact ratio can help the body function at it’s best, without causing any health problems like heart disease and diabetes.

Barry Sears that fat is needed in order for our body to burn fat. He believes that the consumption of enough monosaturated fats can lead to a decrease of the rate of carbohydrates absorption. This decrease will contribute to a state of fullness. If the carbohydrates are absorbed slower it means that the insulin levels will be lower. Lower insulin levels will lead to less fat being stored in our body and an increase of the fat burning process. The more fat you burn the more weight you loose. Sears believes that this is a well balanced diet, with healthy effects.

So what are you allowed to eat on this diet? The Zone Diet will describe exactly what to eat and how much to eat, depending on several factors like height, weight, lifestyle, etc. Here are a few examples of what you will be able to consume on this diet:

a small portion of protein for every meal and snack, which is allowed twice a day

good carbs double the size of the protein serving. Good carbs mean vegetables, whole grains and most fruits. You can also choose to eat brown rice, pasta, bananas, tortilla, breakfast cereals only in smaller portions.

dairy products are allowed like egg whites, skim milk and non fat cheese. Other dairy products can cause hunger and rise insulin levels which increase the absorption of carbohydrates in our body, exactly the opposite of what this diet is trying to do

saturated fats should be avoided with a few exceptions like olives, avocados and macadamia nuts

Probably the most attractive thing about this diet is probably the fact that it allows the consumption of high-fat ice cream. This would regularly be a no, no in other diets, but this one actually encourages a pretty fair portion of ice cream to be consumed.

This diet has found success among celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Renee Zelleweger, Tiger Woods, Demi Moore. The most famous case of weight loss using The Zone Diet is however the case of Mexican obese person Manuel Uribe. Manuel weight about 1300 pounds and after two years of keeping the Zone Diet he dropped to an astonishing 700 pounds, and still dropping.

Jennifer Aniston Renee Zelleweger

It seems like a pretty easy to keep diet, especially if you have a little bit of motivation. Like with every diet there have been skeptics and believers so try it yourself and decide on your own.