One of the most controversial issues in Hollywood, is Dr. Sanford Siegal’s Cookie Diet. This program promises an average wight loss of 15 pounds per month.

However it might not be as accessible as it may seem. Many of us fail at keeping a diet with our cravings for all kinds of sweets.

In fact, the aim of this nutrition plan is to allow you to eat special cookies that won’t make you hungry.

The recipes for these treats was specially designed by its creator. Providing your organism with enough fibers and nutrients, cookies will make you feel really stuffed. Don’t expect some delicious cookies, but let’s be honest, which diet offers only delicious food?

In fact the whole diet plan consists of cookies, namely 6 per day and a humble dinner. Cookies will give you about 500 calories per day – an amount that is pretty small according to specialists.

The ingredients used by Siegal are so solid that your stomach will need more time to digest it. That’s why it won’t make you feel hungry for a while.

The repeated consumption of cookies won’t be a great burden, since you can find them in several flavors as banana, chocolate, coconut and oatmeal.

On the other hand, the hardest part is the dinner. It should consist of a single meal: raw vegetables or steamed veggies, chicken, fish, turkey or seafood.

Foods as fruits, dairy products, whole grains and red meat are forbidden. Carbohydrates are real enemies of the cookie diet follower. For a successful result you should restrict yourself to a cookie and the cup of veggies for dinner.

It is also claimed that even after you quit your appetite won’t increase. The changes persist in your organism. It is advisable to start this diet under medical supervision. Since even the creator, Dr. Siegal supervises the progress of his patients.

Don’t look for these cookies in the local store, you won’t find them. The creator of the diet offers them only to his patients. In fact the Cookie Diet is still very popular even after 30 years of existence, celebrities like Madonna were really eager to try it.