The creators of the Sugar Busters Diet managed to sell more than 100,00 copies of their book in New Orleans. This indeed set the nutrition plan into the spotlight making it one of the most popular plans adopted also by numerous celebrities as Tori Spelling. The main aim of the diet is in fact to eliminate sugar from the organism as it would only contribute to the production of insulin which is one of the greatest saboteur of a weight loss plan. Therefore it seems that by skipping the consumption of sugary dishes and treats we’ll be able to lose weight more quickly. In fact the professional behind this plan would promote a diet plan that lasts for no more than 2 weeks.

During this time meals should be made up of 30% carbohydrates, 30% protein as well as 40% fat. These are additional principles to follow when embracing the Sugar Busters Diet.

In spite of the fact that the Sugar Busters diet won’t offer you a well-defined meal plan it would furnish the ones who wish to lose weight with useful tricks and tips on how to get rid of the extra pounds. In order to keep the diet properly it is highly recommended to skim through the various foods that enter the banned list.

This selection includes all the refined ingredients as: white rice, sugar, potatoes, beets, carrots, honey, corn, beer as well as colas. In order to make sure you still get some sugar opt for the natural resources as the fresh fruits that are some of the must have elements of a healthy diet.

The foods you can consume include fresh vegetables as well as fruits that would tame your cravings and would help you gradually eliminate all the artificial ingredients from your organism. Lean meat as well as whole grains are also on the must eat list.

Therefore make sure you base your nutrition around these essential elements. Furthermore you are also allowed to eat nuts, olive oil as well as fish, poultry and dairy foods. In order to increase your chances to achieve a successful weight loss make sure you follow these principles with great care.

Fats are also allowed to an extent as opposed to other popular diets as the South Beach diet. In fact in this case all you have to do is devote more time to the proper selection of the various ingredients. Unsaturated fat would be the ideal to consume however you can also go for butter as well as cheese. However the amount of these fats should not be over 10% of your meal.

Thanks to the generous rules of the diet there’s no need to say goodbye to meat and eggs either. In fact you can have poultry and lean beef in great amounts however you should take of the skin and eliminate the fat. Seafood is not only allowed but recommended especially if you wish to substitute the red meat with these. Eggs can also feature in your daily meal plan however you must skip the consumption of bread. It is also advisable to have 3-6 meals per day and consume the fruits salads and fresh fruits as well as vegetables separately for your main meals.