The Sacred Heart Diet is a 7 day eating plan which, if done properly it is supposed to clean the organism of impurities and lead to rapid weight loss. Supposedly this diet was created by doctors for the overweight patients with heart problems who needed to lose weight rapidly to undergo surgery.

For the whole week you will need to consume a soup made out of:

10 cherry tomatoes whole or pieces

3 green onions

low fat beef



green beans

2 lbs carrots

2 green peppers

Season the soup with salt, parsley, tomato paste, pepper and boil it until the veggies are tender. Boil the beef first because it will take longer for it to boil than the veggies. You can consume as much soup as you wish during this week, whenever you feel hungry. The soup doesn’t contain too many calories so you can eat as much as you wish.

Day 1

Eat soup and fruits. It’s best if you eat fruits that are low in calories. Don’t eat bananas on this day.

Day 2

Soup and vegetables. You can eat fresh salads, grilled or raw vegetables. If you are still hungry you can eat one baked potato.

Day 3

Soup, vegetables and fruit. You can eat as many fruits and vegetables you want.

Day 4

Soup, bananas and skim milk. Drink as much milk as you wish because milk is a good source of calcium.

Day 5

Soup, beef and tomatoes. You can have chicken breast instead of beef, boiled or grilled.

Day 6

Soup, beef and vegetables. You can have grilled steak and salads as well.

Day 7

Soup, brown rice and vegetables.

You need to drink as much water as you can, 6 or 8 glasses of water daily. Drink only unsweetened fresh squeezed juice, herbal tea and black coffee if you drink coffee. Do not drink any alcohol while on this diet.

After this diet try to eat healthy in order to maintain the pounds you’ve lost. If you want to keep the diet again make sure you allow yourself a two week pause before you try it again.