Lose weight with the popular lunch box diet

Some people fail in keeping a healthy diet due to the harsh restrictions and hunger. The popular diets often try to combine healthy eating habits with a busy schedule. Fighting to loose a few pounds depends basically on your ambition.

However why not enjoy a well-defined plan that can help you get rid of some extra fat in a pleasant way – by following the popular lunch box diet.

The creator of the lunch box diet plan, Simon Lovell had also serious problems with his weight. As an ex-overweight he managed to come up with a new remedy to keep ours and the body of celebrities in shape. In fact he sends us back to the school years to re-experience the beauty of the lunch box.

The first step to adopt this hip diet is to purchase a large-sized lunch box. Which you’ll pack with lots of healthy and tasty stuff, you’ll eat throughout the day.

Designed by a fast food junkie, it will not contain the forbidden food, we have to get rid of. Your daily meals would be the following:

– an ultra-healthy breakfast, the plan says that at the beginning you can have your usual one, until you shift to the lunch box breakfast.

– snacks in every hour from breakfast to dinner to keep you stuffed all throughout the day.

These will help you in fighting the temptation of midnight munching and last nutritious dinner, as the final meal of the day.

The chief aim of the diet is to keep your metabolism boosted at full level. It won’t let you starve, that’s why it presupposes a tiny snack every hour. How does your lunch-box actually look like:

Group A: veggies – these make up the 60% of the box. Fresh, natural and raw vegetables.

Group B: lean protein, made up of lamb, poultry, fish, diary beef and tofu.

Group C: sauce. The creator offers several recipes for delicious sauces. Cheese, hummus, vinegar and pesto are only some of these.

Group D: active carbohydrates depending on your exercise plan. These can be: barley, oatcakes, wholegrain bread and couscous.

The greatest advantage is that there’s no calories counting, and basically there are no forbidden foods. You can gradually adopt the 28-day plan, first make it only three times a week. The only disadvantage is that busy people should prepare their organized lunch-box the night before. However it worth trying, actually you might reinvoke those past days from school. Cameron Diaz is only one of the great stars who seemed to enjoy doing it.