This diet was developed by David Kirsch. It is based on a special food regime and sport exercise program. If done properly it is said that you can lose up to 14 pounds and 5 inches off your waist. This diet is based on a high protein, low-carb regime.

It is divided in 3 phases:

Phase 1

In the first 2 weeks you are allowed to eat mushrooms, egg whites, salmon, nuts, vegetables that have low starch and plenty of whey protein.

You are not allowed to eat or drink alcohol, dairy products, coffee, fruits and other fats. On this phase you are only allowed an 800 to 1000 calories intake a day.

Phase 2

Lasts for 2 weeks and is similar to Phase 1 with one exception: you are allowed to eat an extra serving of carbohydrate food like beans, sweet potatoes, berries, etc. On this phase you are allowed to consume about 900 – 1000 calories a day.

Phase 3

In this phase you can start introducing slowly and moderately in your diet foods that were prohibited in Phase 1.

During this diet training is very important so you need to jog or jump rope for about 45 minutes a day and work every muscle group.

The rich protein diet combined with physical exercises is an excellent way for burning fat. This diet leads to a great body in a record time.