The most popular diet that conquered the world, is in fact the simplest one the Morning Banana Diet and it refers to one single fruit – namely the banana.

It was named the Asa Banana – the Morning Banana Diet, a cheap and effortless method to lose weight. You’re pants won’t fall after the second week, however, a little patience and persistence will do miracles.

It is highly recommended for those who love bananas.

The Morning Banana Diet is great for busy and active people, it didn’t establish an endless number of rules as other diets did. If you will find it too good to be true you can always quit and start another one.

Remember follow this diet if you think you can get used to the taste of banana every single morning.

The trick is basically to eat a banana, or as many as you wish and drink a glass of warm water to help digestion. This is in fact your breakfast!

Try it for at least two weeks – Japanese diet junkies succeeded in devouring all the bananas from the shelves of supermarkets, in fact the country can’t keep up with people’s need for bananas.

A pharmacist designed this special Morning Banana Diet for her husband who was overweight, when it was launched in the Japanese media, people were fighting for the daily amount of bananas at markets and shops.

Before you start this diet you should not be tensed and stressed out of the fact that a diet always means a strict routine and starving. Chill out! This is the BIG exception.

The basic rules of the Banana Diet are:

For breakfast eat a banana, or as much as you wish, with a cup of warm water.

The best is that you can actually eat whatever you want for lunch and dinner unless you don’t have sweets right after having a meal.

The last meal must be before 8 P.M. Go to bed before midnight. Let your body rest.

Bananas accelerate your metabolism and form a protective layer in your large intestines that help eliminating all the toxins from your body, it also improves your digestion. Try the Banana Diet, it might even work for you as it did for millions of people.