Maybe you are a little stumped about how to make a low carb diet menu plan. Well here is a basic low carb diet menu that will keep you satisfied and far away from carbs. Create your personal low carb diet menu. You can also have up to three snacks from the list. Drink six to eight glasses of water a day, plus herbal tea, black tea or coffee.

The Low Carb Diet Menu: Breakfast

For your breakfast low carb diet menu consider: 2 scrambled eggs served with unlimited grilled tomatoes and mushrooms; 5oz natural yogurt with 3 handfuls of any fresh or frozen berry, 1 chopped apple and 7 almonds; 1 scoop of whey protein powder mixed into 8fl oz. skimmed milk. Serve with 8oz of any tinned fruit in natural juice and 7 almonds; 2 slices of grilled turkey bacon served with 8oz no sugar baked beans.

The Low Carb Diet Menu: Lunch

In the lunch low carb diet menu, we recommend: 6oz low-fat hummus served with unlimited crudités of carrot, celery, cucumber or any veg of your choice; 3oz low-fat mozzarella served with unlimited sliced tomato and 1 teaspoon of your favorite pesto; 8oz tuna (canned in water or brine) mixed with 2 teaspoons of low-fat mayonnaise. Serve on a bed of lettuce and grated carrot; Half of any bag of supermarket salad topped with 3 slices of lean ham, turkey, roast beef or chicken or 6oz low-fat cottage cheese and 1 boiled egg.

The Low Carb Diet Menu

The Low Carb Diet Menu: Dinner

At dinner time, your low carb diet menu may include: 4oz lean steak grilled or pan-fried, served with 3 tablespoons of low-fat coleslaw and unlimited green beans; 4oz of any white fish baked with unlimited sliced courgettes, red and yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes and a handful of sliced black olives. Roast at 220 C for 15 minutes. Serve with broccoli.

Grill two large chicken satay sticks or 4oz chicken breast and serve with unlimited stir-fry vegetables cooked in an oil spray with a little garlic. You can buy the vegetables ready chopped from the supermarket or try a blend of beansprouts, broccoli, red pepper and carrot.

Roast 1 large field mushroom for 10 minutes at 220 C, top with 1 teaspoon of red or green pesto and cook for 5 minutes more. Serve with 8oz canned butter beans boiled, drained and then mashed with a little natural yogurt and unlimited green beans or broccoli.

The Low Carb Diet Menu

The Low Carb Diet Menu: Snacks

Our favorite snacks low carb diet menu contains: 5oz pot of low fat yogurt or fromage frais; any two pieces of fruit; 1 handful of nuts; 8fl oz. skimmed milk mixed with 1 scoop of whey protein powder; a dice-sized cube of cheese with a handful of grapes.

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