The Hamptons Diet was created by the respected former medical director of Atkins Diet Center Fred Pescatore.

The specialist promises a quicker and more effective weight loss with a few ingredients.

The Hamptons diet is a low-carb diet that proposes a Mediterranean attitude to fat. Let’s see the basic benefits of The Hamptons Diet which is the reformed version of the traditional Atkins diet.

Basic Guidelines Portion is not as important as quality. The diet recommends to consume food rich in omega-3 fatty acids as salmon and fish in general. Mediterranean fats contain monounsaturated fat which is extremely healthy and a basic ingredient of the diet plan. The reduction of carbohydrate intake is vital, the amount depends on the goal of the dieter. If you would like to lose 10 pounds at least, you should consume less than 30 grams per day.

Hamptons diet

On the other hand those who wish to get rid of less than 10 pounds are allowed to increase the amount to 40 to 60 grams. Foods are grouped according to these principles.

A Group Those who belong to this category will shed more than 10 pounds consuming 23-26 gram carbs per day.

B Group Those who want to lose less than ten pounds should increase their portion to 40-43 grams of carbohydrates a day.

C Group This group contains the list of foods that are added to the basic plan when the weight loss process already showed some results. These presuppose 65 grams of carbs per day.

It is highly recommended to include oil into our daily cuisine. Indeed this ingredient can have a beneficial effect on our metabolism. However Dr. Pescatore emphasizes that olive and canola oil is basically unhealthy.

We should switch to the use of macadamia nut oil, which has more fortes than the rest of ingredients. The diet plan swears on the effect of macadamia nut oil as the richest oil in monounsaturated fat and having no cholesterol.

One of the crucial drawbacks of the diet is the fact that the necessary ingredients for the nutritional plan are often unavailable for the wide public. Often you have to order these from specialized shops. Moreover these are often way too expensive for average people.