The Flat Belly diet is another solution that guarantees a quick weight loss by following a meal plan of only 32 days. Indeed, some might be skeptical that it is pretty hard to loose extra-inches from the abs area, however it seems that due to the popularity of flat bellies more and more people engage into a project that helps them get rid of a few undesired pounds. It is also difficult to find a diet that targets only this critical area.

The diet goddess, Liz Vaccariello, comes up with a revolutionary program that efficiently banishes tummy fat.

The secret lies in a Mediterranean style diet that presupposes the the intake of 1,600-calories, with increased emphasis on vegetables, fruits, seeds and less meat. Monounsaturated fats or MUFAs as she calls them will be the perfect remedies to fight weight gain, find out more on the miraculous flat belly diet.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the basis of the Flatt Belly Diet lies in the MUFAs or monounsaturated fats that will exclusively target the tummy fat and can be identified in common ingredients right from everyone’s kitchen.

Dark chocolate, soybeans, avocados, olives, nuts and seeds as well as sunflower oils have this essential nutrient. Ideally one of these elements should be added to every meal this way enhancing the weight loss as well as controlling satiety.

The whole diet starts with a detox period which actually aims to eliminate all the fluid excess from the body. This contributes to the reduction of the sense of constipation.

This session lasts for four days, and during this period you’ll already observe the loss of a few pounds. The ideal calorie intake during this interval ranges between 1,200 to 1,400. The liquid consumption is maximized these days.

The detoxifying sassy water is basically made of: 2 liters of water, 1 medium sliced cucumber, 1 medium lemon, 1 tsp of grated ginger and finally 12 mint leaves. These all mixed in a bowl and left in the fridge for a day will serve as perfect eliminators of toxins and excessive fluids.

Those who are either vegetarians or have all kinds of allergies to different ingredients might also find it soothing that here is a plan that will fit all their expectations.

Indeed, the diet promotes a 4 meals per day plan of 400 calories each. Timing is essential, in order to efficiently loose weight it is vital to have these meals every four hours. More, each of these should contain a must have MUFA from the above mentioned list.

There’s no need to count the calories as the program offers you a list of 28 combinations for each dish and you are free to choose from these. This aspect maintains the versatile nature of the whole diet.

The nutrients in the different breakfasts, dinners and lunches are carefully analyzed within 80 recipes, the instructions won’t cause any difficulties since each section and segment is explained. The trick of the whole diet is basically to eat every 4 hours, reduce the calorie intake to 1,600 and include the MUFAs.

The physical exercising is not compulsory during the 32 days, however it is advisable to complete the whole plan with regular workout. The experts claim that this is an ideal weight loss plan where the harmful fats are substituted with healthy ones and the calories are not analyzed thoroughly. Loosing 15 pounds during this diet is a promise of the creators, however those who are great meat devourers might not resist consuming this ingredients only once per month.