Finding the right type of diet is often very exhausting, experimenting with these can spoil your ambition.  Facial analysis diet tries to read out the dietary and mineral needs of your organism from your face.

The diet was created by celebrity nutritionist, Elizabeth Gibaud and several stars from Hollywood follow it, Kate Winslet is only one of them.

Skin color, wrinkles or specific skin problems suggest certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies of you body.  The diet begins with a detox process that lasts for 2 days. It is followed by a core diet that you have to follow for 2 weeks, in order to eliminate the toxins form your organism.

The Principles of the Facial Analysis Diet

The following categories present which are the proper foods for you.


Those who have frizzy hair, shiny nose, cold hands and feet, dry skin and puffy eyes should avoid foods like: mangoes, chocolate, yeast-related products, red wine and white flour. On the other hand, apples, cucumbers, potatoes and oats are very beneficial for them. This type is dominated by the functioning of the thyroid gland.


Those with a light yellow hue of the skin – especially around the mouth – reddish or bluish nose and red ears should avoid eating: oranges, bananas, curry and drinking, alcohol or coffee.  Eat limes, cherries, garlic and potatoes.

This category is defined by the functioning of the liver.


Those who suffer from water retention belong to this category.  Puffy eyes, bloated face, vertical lines under the tip of the nose and swollen fingers are all alarming signs.

These people should avoid eating: peanuts, canned fruit, soy sauce, cheese and also red meat. Foods like broccoli, fish, spinach, pineapples and onions are highly recommended.


If you suffer from inflammation, oily T-zone – nose, forehead and chin – open pores, smelly feet and several horizontal lines on your forehead, then you belong to this category. Try avoiding: alcohol, shellfish, mayonnaise, pastries and rice. Foods like carrots, turnips, berries and asparagus are highly recommended.


Abnormal amount of skin complaints will include you into this type, this is why you should avoid eating: raisins, strawberries, watermelon and eggs, and avoid drinking beer.

However cabbage, apples, parsley and oat is beneficial to your organism.