The chocolate diet for chocoholics – to tame the beast inside you

For most of us, eliminating chocolate from your diets is almost impossible – especially if you’re a chocoholic, it would only increase your cravings for treats. That’s why it is recommended to test this new hip nutritional plan, the chocolate diet and see whether it proves to be the best diet for your taste.

Sally Ann Voak invented the delicious chocolate diet, and promises a 7 pound loss only in two weeks.

What this diet offers is a balanced eating plan completed with chocolate. Chocolate addiction is a real monster nowadays, more and more people seem to suffer from a treat bug.

Indeed the plan starts pretty harshly, during the first week your are supposed to keep away from the source of your addiction. However then you’ll enjoy its delicious taste every day.

The plan looks the following way: The total amount of calories prescribed by the diet plan is 1000 per day in the first week.

This will increase a bit on the following weeks, to about 1200-1300. Voak’s diet varies depending on the measure of your chocolate addiction.

There are six types of chocoholics: binger, romantic, comfort eater, sugar addict, weekend indulger and premenstrual craver. In general it defines a 4 meal plan: the breakfast made up of 250 calories, two small snacks of 300 calories and one chief meal that has 400 calories.

If you keep this rule in mind you’ll be able to organize your own nutritional plan.

Following the first week, you’ll allowed to add chocolate to your meals, ranging between 50-300 calories. It is perfect for those who want to get rid of extra pounds still don’t want to give up their only pleasure – chocolate.

Indeed, even if the name of the diet includes chocolate, it’s not about munching just chocolate throughout the day. You must complete the sugar consumption with exercises and fresh vegetables.

Keep in mind the following foods are recommended: veggies in ‘industrial amounts’ as mushrooms, spinach, tomato and broccoli. The chocolate diet followers are also advised to replace coffee with herbal teas or a cup of delicious and healthy milk.

Chocolate, especially the dark one can act as an effective antioxidant and a supplement for vitamins. Chocoholics and devoted dieters might find this plan a real treasure among the other hip nutritional plans.

Vanessa Hudgens confesses her addiction for chocolate as well as ex-Spice Girl Emma Bunton who include this delicious treat in their eating habits.

The Chocolate Diet for Chocoholics