Citrus fruits are not only delicious they are very healthy as well, since they contain large amounts of vitamins necessary for our body. The tingly sensation felt when eating citrus fruits is due to the citric acid contained in the fruits this acid gives their sour-sweet taste.

Because there are a variety of citrus fruits like oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapefruits and so on, people can have diversity in taste while receiving the same essential vitamins necessary. Just because of their high vitamin content these fruits are highly recommended. They are great for consumption as well as skin care. Citrus fruits contain large amounts of vitamin C, vitamin known for helping strengthen the immune system. Due to this characteristic citrus fruits are highly recommended during the cold season to prevent flu and colds. Among other essential vitamins contained by citruses are potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6, phosphorus and niacin.

Three of the most popular citrus fruits are oranges, lemons and grapefruits. They have a great taste and can be found in every season. Organic fruits are the best fruits to consume since organic food doesn’t contain any chemicals meant to speed up the growth process. They are all natural products, perfect for the health and filled with essential vitamins. Here are the benefits of this citruses:

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Oranges are highly preferred by people due to their great sweet sour taste and vitamin content. They are great to use in skin care since oranges have a great smell as well. Oranges help tone the skin if used in skin care, aid detoxification, digestion and blood circulation. They are highly recommended for daily consumption, peeled or under the form of freshly squeezed juice. Oranges contain antioxidants so they are a great aid against premature aging.


Lemons have a very strong and powerful taste. They have a very high content of vitamin C , A and B so they are perfect for energizing and strengthening the body. Lemons are a top choice in medicines due to the great taste and vitamin contribution, as well as for sea foods. They boost the immune system and help protect against colds and flues. Lemons are also great in weight loss so if you’re a fan of lemons follow the lemon diet.


Grapefruits have a very specific bitter sour taste, a taste that doesn’t appeal to everyone. One of the most preferred ways to eat grapefruits is to peel off the skin of every individual piece. It is the peel who contains the most bitter so people who like the fruit but are not to keen of eating something bitter can benefit from the essential vitamins contained by grapefruits by peeling the skin off. Grapefruits are also used in skin care as they contain antioxidants and help tone the skin. Grapefruits also aid digestion, protect against flu, colds and strengthen the blood vessels.