The slow carb diet was made popular by blogger and entrepreneur Tim Ferris in his book “The 4-Hour Body”where he outlines a few slow carb diet rules. The best-selling author promises you to lose 20 pounds in 30 days through dieting, exercising and taking supplements. 

The slow carb diet has “simplicity” as its motto: making simple lifestyle changes will get you better and long-lasting results: weight loss and a healthy, leaner body or as the book’s title suggests “becoming a superhuman”. Author Tim Ferriss, slow carb diet follower himself shared the few simple slow carb diet rules.

The Slow Carb Diet Rules

The No. 1 rule is no white “stuff” – unless of course you want to gain even more weight. So, there should be no white bread, no pasta or white rice, cereals, potatoes and no fired food. The slow carb diet menu contains the same small meals you repeatedly alternate week in, week out. The 4-Hour Body slow carb diet names Mexican cuisine as being favorable for slow carb dieters.

The 4 Hour Body Book

Another of Tim Ferriss’ slow carb diet rules is no-calorie drinks: including carbonated beverages, sweetened teas and coffees, milk or any type of fruit juice. Which leads to the next slow card diet rule: no fruits allowed. Keep them for your cheat day, otherwise their containing fructose and sugar will compromise your slow carb diet results. And since we mentioned the “cheat” day, Tim Ferriss' slow carb diet allows for a day off per week, when you can eat everything you felt like eating during the remaining six days. This is probably the friendliest of the slow carb diet rules.

The Slow Carb Diet Food List

The slow carb diet food list includes eggs (especially egg whites), all types of meat - preferably from bio producers - chicken breast and thighs, beef and pork, fish and seafood (apparently, canned fish is allowed). The legumes on the slow carb diet food list are lentils and different kinds of beans. Regarding vegetables, Tim Ferriss' slow carb diet allows almost everything except potatoes. You can eat spinach, kale, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower, green peas and beans, and asparagus. Olive and grapeseed-oil, spices and herbs, and wine will help create delicious dishes. Combining the slow carb diet food list, you can come up with a few meals which you’ll eat time after time.

Fresh Vegetables

The Slow Carb Diet Reviews

Nutritionists say that rapid-fat loss is neither healthy nor very likely, since losing fat is actually a very slow process and requires a lot of effort and dedication. Also, there are other facts in The 4-Hour Body slow carb diet that specialists find inconsistent. However, dieters have shared plenty of weight loss stories, and continue to praise the slow carb diet. 

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