Published in 2004, the French Women Don’t Get Fat book by Mireille Guiliano has become a worldwide phenomenon, even if it’s essentially a “non-diet” diet. Find out more about the fundamentals of the “French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet”.

Portion control and exercise are the most important tips outlined in the “French Women Don’t Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure” book. The diet recommended by Mireille Guiliano doesn’t include any restrictions, but it promotes a healthy lifestyle that includes light exercise.

How Does the French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet Work?

Eating in a more relaxed environment can help digestion, so savoring food is the key to portion control in the French Women Don’t Get Fat diet. Removing guilt from eating and simply enjoying a few bites of anything you want seems to be the basic principle of this diet.

Enjoying wine is another big part of the diet, but the author of the French Women Don’t Get Fat book suggests limiting yourself to just one glass.

What to Eat

The most recommended food in this diet is natural yogurt, but the first phase of the program also includes a short fast where leek soup is the only food allowed.

While vegetable soup contains plenty of fibers and can aid in weight loss, leek soup isn’t very nutritional. A richer vegetable soup does curb appetite and lead to smaller portions of other fattening foods.

Plain Yogurt

Along with low-fat yogurt and vegetable soup, for a French Women Don’t Get Fat diet plan, dark chocolate is also a great choice, as a high cocoa content can promote fat burning.


One of the many reasons this diet is very attractive for women who want to enjoy delicious foods regularly is that the suggested exercise tips are also very easy to follow.

Keeping active in the most natural ways is a top priority when it comes to Mireille Guiliano’s French Women Don’t Get Fat diet. Walking is an excellent form of light exercise, but women over 40 are adviced to do regular weight training to keep in shape in the best way.

Keep Active To Loose Weight

Can the French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet Work for You?

Trying the French Women Don’t Get Fat diet plan isn’t about special recipes, but about truly enjoying food and learning how to become satisfied with smaller portions.

Some nutritionists think smoking plays a big part in the way French women keep their figures, but most of the followers of this diet seem to be non-smokers. Many of them report excellent results.

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