Generally, diet bars can be eaten throughout the day as a snack and should contain around 100-150 calories. The best diet bars are made from nuts and seeds, provide natural sources of fiber and protein, and – most importantly – have no artificial sweeteners. Not all diet bars are healthy and should not be used as a replacement for healthy meals too often.

The Best Diet Bars

Choose your diet bars carefully. Make sure your snack of choice does not contain sugar and any other artificial sweeteners – otherwise you risk compromising your diet and, implicitly, your weight loss program. To supplement your fiber intake, you can always go for diet bars, but be cautious not to rely too much on the snack replacements. At best, you can have two or three diet bars a week, but no more. Healthy snacks, like fruit and vegetables, are always the best option.

South Beach Diet Bars

Among the most sought after diet bars, South Beach Diet snack and meal bars are delicious and packed with protein and fiber that make you feel energized and keep hunger away while you’re out in the city, going to meetings or running errands – simply too busy to stop and have a proper bite. South Beach Diet meal bars are a great choice when you’re in a hurry. They contain crunchy oats and crispy soy nuggets and chocolate chunks, offering you 12 grams of protein and 9 grams of fiber. One of the best 100 calorie South Beach Diet snack bars is the Fudgy Chocolate Mint, with its refreshing, mouth-watering combination of chocolate and mint, which you’d most certainly want to hide from your colleagues!

The Best Diet Bars

Atkins Diet Bars

Either a light breakfast or an afternoon quick snack, the Atkins diet bars are crispy and delicious, the perfect and healthy combination of quality proteins and natural fats. Unlike other diet bars, the Atkins diet bars come in creamy yogurt-flavored icing or creamy, fudgy chocolate coating with real pieces of fruit and seeds for everyone to enjoy. You can eat Atkins diet bars as a replacement for a light meal. You can shop for the Advantage and Day Break Atkins diet bars on the official website.

Clif Diet Bars

If you live an active life, and you’re in need of an energy boost, then the Clif bar diet is one of your best choice. Clif diet bars can be used as snack or meal replacements, and are made of natural ingredients: fruits, oats and nuts. A Clif bar diet can become unsatisfying as a long term weight loss program.

Two or three days of Clif bar dieting are enough as a jump-start to lose weight, but in the long run, it can deprive you of healthy vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to function properly. You can eat Clif diet bars alternately for lunch or a light dinner, once in a while. 

Sesame Diet Bars

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