Battling the bulge has become a huge point of interest for many people, so it’s no wonder that an industry dedicated to these efforts has soared in the last years. Countless study conclusions and recommendations have been passed on at lightening speed, leaving us more and more confused.

In clearing up such frequent confusions, searching for the right answers can be cumbersome. Nonetheless, scientists are starting get a better grip of the mistakes that can be costly in terms of weight loss results and the knowledge is slowly starting to spread. See if any of the following habits is a constant in your diet plan:

Choosing a small fork This diet trick has become so popular, it even had an entire diet plan named after it: the forking diet plan. However, recent studies have shown that the strategy of picking a small eating utensil can have the exact opposite effect making you eat up to 12% more. Choose a regular sized fork instead and pause when eating to ensure you reach the satiety signal soon enough.

Eating potatoes too often The negative effects on the waistline of French fries and potato chips are far from being unknown. In fact, these foods eaten regularly tend to produce significant pounds gain. But, seemingly healthier options like mashed or baked potatoes don’t have much more benefits as they can make you gain about 1.28 surplus pounds when eaten every day for four years according to a study. This effect is largely due to the fact that they don’t create lasting satiety.

Rewarding exercise sessions with food Forming the exercise habit is definitely something worthy of celebrating, yet food is definitely not the right token. This tendency tends to be all too common especially after vigorous workouts when the perceived calorie burn ratio is believed to be higher. But such rationalizations are highly misleading more often than not since it can undo the effects of the workout altogether. Make sure your rewards for good behavior don’t revolve around food and nourish your body properly in order to avoid overeating after intense efforts.

‘Irregular’ coffees Drinking coffee has come to be a less than ordinary experience thanks to the multitude scrumptious choices that leave you feeling pampered and satisfied. But all these pampering experiences come at a steep cost, at least in terms of calories as some varieties pack as many calories as a meal. Save yourself from agony by drinking plain coffee and splurging on something nourishing and more satisfying.

Unhealthy add-ons Grilled fish and salad must be better than greasy burgers, right? Well, not necessarily. Sometimes add-ons, sauces and the like can make a healthy choice a bad one. Marinara and dressings are notorious calorie enhancers especially when spread rather than added. Take a quick look at the calorie content of a food as well as at the overall nutritious factors to make more stellar choices.

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