Get into the groove of a healthy lifestyle that loads you with energy and offers you the privilege to sculpt your silhouette. Limit the calorie and fat intake with a few DIY easy methods.

There’s no need to experiment with food deprivation when you have a wide repertoire of techniques you can use during your fat burning project. The super-simple weight loss strategies below take your eating rituals to the next level.

Swap Heavy Cream for Fat-Free Yogurt

Revolutionize your cooking habits and cut back on calories with this simple trick. In order to save no less than 680 calories per serving all you have to do is swap heavy cream for fat-free yogurt in your favorite recipes. See the positive impact of this diet strategy on your organism and figure.

No More Family Style Dinners

Placing the various bowls packed with food on the table will encourage everyone to have seconds and even thirds.

However, if you’re ready to sacrifice this habit for the best slimming results, be sure to fill plates beforehand and place only these on the dinner table. Portion control can be learned in a few easy steps.

Skip Buttered Movie Popcorn

Are you fond of salty snacks? Opt for microwave-popped popcorn rather than stuffing yourself with no less than 1,005 calories offered by buttered movie popcorn.

Save up to 700 calories with a healthy dessert option as the one presented here. Choose popcorn with salt and not other delicious but calorie-rich toppings.

Spaghetti With Meat Sauce

Skip sausage when it comes to spaghetti and save no less than 560 calories. If you’re fond of delicious pasta, go for pasta marinara or the ones packed with mushrooms. Meat sauce can be the perfect substitute for high-calorie sausage used usually in the recipe of Italian pasta servings.

Eat Starchy Foods

Starchy foods should be incorporated into a well-defined weight loss plan. Dieters who wish to get rid of extra pounds should make sure that their meals contain at least one starchy food preferably the wholegrain type. Pasta, rice, potatoes and cereals are not unhealthy options if you know how to combine them with other super-nutritious ingredients.

Beware of Dehydration

In order to keep our metabolism on top speed it is important to drink at least 1.2 litres of fluid. Milk, organic fruit and veggie juices and water are the best alternatives. Avoid the consumption of soft drinks to reduce the calorie intake.

Super Simple Weight Loss

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