There are numerous theories about your worst enemies when it comes to dieting. Some blame calories, others carbs and saturated fats. Learn more about all these and make sure you do a favor to your body by embracing a well-defined and vitamin-rich meal plan.

The following super-simple fat burning secrets are only some of the methods you can experiment with to boost the efficiency of your slimming process. Keep them in mind next time you’re building up your main meals and choose some delicious, healthy snacks.

Cold Water

Water is extremely important if you wish to ease the task of your digestive system breaking down saturated and unsaturated fat. Early in the morning drink a glass of cold or icy water to boost the functioning of your metabolism. This is one of the simple tricks you can use to shed a few pounds in the quickest time.

Pitta Bread

Some are addicted to the consumption of bread. However, the first step towards weight loss is to eliminate regular bread from our diet and consume wholemeal pitta breads instead.

These delicious and stuffing ingredients are perfect to help you handle the transition from normal bread to wholemeal with ease. With this wise food swap you’ll be able to save 70 calories at least.

Absorb Grease from Pizza

Often you’ll notice a thin layer of grease on the surface of your delicious pizza. The trick to save almost 100 calories is to use a paper towel and absorb the harmful fatty sauce. Proceed this way if you wish to guarantee the success of your weight loss plan.

Sparkling Water for The Fizz

Soda can load you with calories which can clearly sabotage your slimming project. Therefore, the ultimate solution to substitute this unhealthy beverage with a healthy one is swap sodas for sparkling water. Consume this ingredient with confidence and save no less than 100 calories per glass.

Tasty French Fries

If you have a real love affair with fried potatoes, there’s no need to worry about eliminating them from your diet. Instead, check out this trick which helps you make a wise choice when it comes to fries. Opt for the chunky ones, as these will absorb less oil or grease during the deep frying process. If you do your own fries, make sure you slice the potatoes following the rule presented here.

Super Simple Fat Burning

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