If you think you’ve heard everything there is about going on a diet, think again as it seems that your diet is bound to fail if you start on the wrong day. Weight gain affects us all at one point in life, thus a variety of methods of approach to weight loss have been developed to suit people with different needs. Apparently, choosing to embark on a diet regimen on a Tuesday isn’t a great idea as according to DailyMail, a study performed by Tesco Diets showed that those who start their diet on a Tuesday are more likely to fail that those who start on a Sunday or a Monday.

It might sound strange, but according to the results, dieters that start on a Tuesday are most likely to lose their ambition within a week and end-up with a yo-yo diet result by gaining even more weight than prior to dieting.

Tesco Diets spokesperson told DailyMail that a pole has been created and answered by women who started to diet in the past year and that: “Psychologically, dieters are more motivated to continue if they start afresh at the beginning of the week.” It seems that those who started their diet on a Sunday managed to lose 8 pounds over a period of three weeks and that over 80% have managed to keep the weight off.

The spokesprerson also says that dieting is however difficult regardless of the day of the week a person decides to start. “Changing your eating habits can be a hard challenge whatever day of the week. With women struggling with their busy work-life balance, mental and physical preparation has never been more important. Time should be taken to draw up shopping lists and peruse the supermarket shelves carefully to make sensible, informed choices without grabbing the nearest tin.”

According to the study, people that decide to start their diet on a Saturday are very focused and know exactly what they want to achieve through their diet, and are likely to succeed through perseverance. The study also revealed that almost a quarter of women who started a diet in the last year have actually gained more weight while on a diet, so there is no easy way to losing those extra pounds.

An active lifestyle which includes healthy dieting and regular exercising can help you maintain your weight and muscle tone, so to avoid dealing with the problems caused by weight gain and to avoid having to stress and put your ambition to the test to loose weight. Instead, try to adopt a healthy lifestyle that will make all the difference.

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