Re-think your snack and main meal options to have a perfectly sculpted silhouette for the bikini season. Shed a few extra pounds without torturing yourself with fasting and starvation. The following 6 quick weight loss tips help you revolutionize your meal plan in a flash. Consider the simplest solutions to your diet dilemmas and discover the filling quality of delicious fruits, veggies and seeds. Embrace some of these slimming strategies if you’re desperate to become slender and more energetic.

1. Eat Sprouted Bread

If you want to lose weight visibly, make the best food options. Replace normal bread with sprouted bread which contains no more than 55 calories. Keep an eye on calorie intake and enjoy your guilt-free breakfast. Team up this healthy type of bread with almond butter, full-fruit jam and other low-fat spreads. Whole grains will do magic with your digestive system and metabolism.

2. Flash Fry Chicken

Rocco DiSpirito is our favorite chef who provides us with numerous calorie cutting tips. This time he advises us to first bake the breaded chicken then flash fry it for no more than 12 seconds.

This slimming secret will help us reduce fat intake and calories in our eating plan. Get used to this cooking trick to make sure you contribute to the quick weight loss process.

3. Opt for Mini Bagels

Save up to 160 calories by opting for mini bagels instead of a large one which contains up to 240 calories.

Smaller snacks allow you to chew more and give your brain the impression of fullness. Use this expert-advised trick to lose weight dramatically and get used to a diet-friendly snacking regime.

4. Diuretic Foods

If you want to get rid of a few pounds in the quickest time, rely on the power of naturally diuretic foods. Asparagus, cucumber and watermelon should be only some of your top options if you want to flush water weight. Embed these vitamin-rich ingredients into your diet plan to keep your metabolism on high speed. Look for recipes which include these food items and consume them on a regular basis.

5. Eat Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese

Are you a cheese-aholic? Then Rocco DiSpirito offers you the secret to keep this delicious dairy product in your slimming plan. Eat only Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. Re-think your main meals and use this element as the best low-calorie ingredient to cook with. This type of cheese is the easiest to digest, therefore, it is highly recommended by diet experts. Enjoy the high protein content of Parmigiano-Reggiano without having to worry about calories.

6. Replace Flour with Beans

It may seem pretty surprising to replace flour with beans, however, according to master chef Rocco DiSpirito you’ll get the same taste and texture with this simple substitution. The greatest advantage of beans is that they are extremely low in calories and allow you to enjoy the natural fiber content of your main meals and snacks. Save up to 220 calories with this simple trick. Remember, 1 cup of beans equals 1 cup of flour.

Spring Weight Loss Tips

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