With all the diet plans available, it’s easy to think that the only way to lose weight is doing your best to stick to a chosen plan. However, the small actions we do on a daily basis have a cumulative effect and can have a big impact on our waistlines, so it’s worth examining our routines and looking for small ways to improve our choices. Try adopting these small changes to lose weight a little easier:

1. Get active during commercials

If you’re looking to lose weight fast, try thinking of commercials as ‘get active’ times. Rather than passively watching advertisements that often promote high calorie foods, use the breaks to get your heart rate up. Try jumping jacks, running in place or going up and down the stairs. Doing so for each break during a two hour TV program could help you slash as much as 270 extra calories a day.

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2. Look for high fat clues

Limiting high fat foods is one of the best strategies you can use to speed up the weight loss process. This means being able to quickly identify foods that are high in fat beyond the usual suspects like fries and pizza. When eating out try to avoid ordering dishes described by words such as gratin, creamy, tempura or alfredo as all of these terms signal a high fat content.

3. Boost your breakfast with chia seeds

Among the main benefits of chia seeds is that they help keep hunger at bay due to their high fiber content. Adding a table spoon of chia seeds to a bowl of breakfast cereals will help lower your cholesterol and provide a good dose of Omega 3s as well.

4. Avoid ‘enriched’ foods

Ironically, enriched is actually synonymous with ‘poor in nutrients’ or ‘nutrient empty calories’ because it means that the nutrients have been stripped during processing and then added back in. Opt instead for whole wheat flour and breads.

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5. Add fruits and veggies to your meals and snacks

Learning how to lose weight fast doesn’t entail only cutting things from your diet. It also means making healthy additions to your meal plan, especially getting your 5-a-day fruit & veg which is crucial for your overall health. To bulk up your meals and avoid feeling hungry try adding two servings of fruits and vegetables to every meal and one serving of veggies with each snack.

6. Opt for real treats

Completely banning your favorite treats from your regimen isn’t feasible since it can quickly lead to diet frustrations. While foods labeled ‘fat free’ or ‘sugar free’ might seem like the answer to dealing with cravings without taking in a lot of calories, studies show that the strategy usually backfires as most people are tempted to eat more than they normally would, which ultimately defeats the purpose. Moreover, these types of foods also tend to be perceived as less satisfying than the real thing, so opting for a small portion of your favorite treats is a better choice.

7. Add water

Drinking more water is one of the most commonly heard weight loss tips, so we’re not going to remind you of the benefits of hydration. Instead, we’ll focus on how to use water to support your weight loss goals. One way is to add water to your fruit juice to lower the calorie intake and drinking a big glass of water before a high calorie meal to feel fuller and thus consume less calories.

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