Food pairing turns out to be not only an art, but also a scientific challenge that can greatly enhance our health. Maximize the nutritional potential of the foods you eat with a few smart combos that will ensure extra energy, a greater antioxidant value and even an easier weight loss process.

The choices we make on a daily basis have a definite impact over our health. While the rules of healthy eating and weight loss are no longer a mystery, scientists are only starting to discover how the choices we make impact the way we feel and even the benefits we are getting from our choices. Although some combos are downright fattening, others can have the opposite effect helping us get healthier and leaner. Here are some of the healthiest food pairings you can make along with the main benefits you can acquire:

Green tea & lemon
This combo is both a dieter's best friend and an avid tea drinker's delight. But aside from the flavor enhancement you might get, this combo has another surprising and noteworthy benefit: consumed together these two super foods help the body absorb up to 13 times more antioxidants than if they were consumed on their own. Get energized with a minimum amount of calories with this deliciously refreshing drink all summer long.

Nuts, seeds and dried fruits
When you are looking for a nutritional punch there's nothing better than this type of crunchy snack to tame your cravings. These foods all contain a variety of healthy fats your body needs in order to function properly and because they are a good source of protein they help digestion. But, while healthy, these foods also have a significant amount of calories, so portion control is a must if you want to avoid hindering your diet.

Broccoli and tomatoes
While scientists are unsure about the reason behind the duo's cancer fighting abilities, it seems that it has produced a dramatic effect in terms of lowering the growth of tumors in rats during lab tests. Filled with antioxidants, yet low in calories, this combo is a dieter's best friend especially during summer when these foods are in season and thus more affordable. Moreover, since broccoli doesn't face too many pest threats, you can save money by purchasing conventional varieties rather than organic ones.

Almonds and yogurt
This combo helps the body absorb fat soluble vitamins easier. Moreover, thanks to the probiotics contained in yogurt, digestion is greatly improved. Probitics also enhance the immune system while the calcium contained in yogurt can facilitate weight loss, so this low calorie snack is a valuable addition to your diet.

Blueberries and grapes
These antioxidant-filled fruits also have greater anti-aging benefits when consumed together rather than separately. Consuming these fruits while they are in season is ideal since you'll be able to take full advantage of the vitamins and minerals they contain by consuming them fresh.

Red meat and rosemary
Red meat is a fabulous source of easily absorbed iron and a high 2quality protein. However, certain cooking methods such as grilling can create cancerigenic compounds. Marinating meat before placing it on the grill can reduce the risk and rosemary has proved to be particularly useful in reducing this risk while enhancing flavor. Similarly, pairing fish and garlic is also recommended.

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