Starting a diet is easy. Staying on it with all the trials and tribulations that spice up the process is the hard part. Temptation coming from all sources and the busy lifestyle that is practically inevitable are two of the hardest challenges coming our way. From things easy to forget to more complex choices, learning to cope with all the daily problems can be tremendously helpful. Here are a few simple tricks to improve your diet:

Select the right food version Though diet foods are not necessarily a better alternative for the weight loss process, some choices count more than others. For example, choosing water-packed tuna rather than oil packed is one of the best options which will help you get rid of no less than a third of the calories you would otherwise eat.

Indulge in the best treat Indulging might seem rather counter-intuitive when dieting but doing so will help prevent many diet pitfalls. Limit your cheats to a single day rather than spreading them throughout the week when it is easier to lose count of how many cheats you had. Then select the absolute best version of your favorite treat and savor each bite, paying close attention to the moment the treat stops feeling as satisfying as the first bite.

Use TV to your advantage It’s often tempting to forgo an exercise session and catch up with our favorite tv show. But, using our desires to our advantage can be the simplest way to stick to our goals. Watch your favorite shows only when exercising so you’ll have an instant reward to look forward to rather than dreading the process.

Wait 20 minutes A strong crave might seem irresistible now, but there’s a good chance this strong sensation will fade completely after 20 minutes, so keeping busy, putting effort in prettying up or even catching up with exercise can be good ways to avoid caving into temptation.

Order simpler dishes If you’re not willing to give up on the pleasure of eating out, making sure your choices are in line with your goals is crucial. Aside from having the bread basket removed from the table or splitting a meal, a healthy food with simple ingredients can be a good choice as it can have less calories.

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