With recent research suggesting that as little as 11 pounds can affect our metabolism in a negative way, the importance of maintaining an optimal weight is becoming more obvious than ever. Avoid getting overwhelmed in the weight loss process by adopting some of these simple strategies:

Remove external stimuli Relying on external stimuli is a strategy that has continually backfired in a subtle yet sure way as numerous studies have shown. People who have a lot of food in front of them or larger plate sizes inevitably eat more, those who munch mindlessly almost invariably pack on pounds faster and so on. That’s why avoiding external stimuli as much as possible is a great way to ensure you’ll automatically be more in control of your choices.

An interesting study showed that people who ate blindfolded tended to feel satiated sooner than when seeing all the food when the tendency to ‘clean their plate’ prevailed. There are even certain restaurants that function on this principle, allowing customers to eat in complete darkness.

Try multiple approaches It’s easy to focus on only one dominant approach when it comes to losing weight, especially when you would rather lose weight without exercise. But, this type of approach can make you feel more deprived than you need to be. For example, rather than cutting 500 calories a day, you can try eating 250 less calories while burning the other 250 can help you feel less deprived. This simple approach can result in a one lost pound over the course of a week.

Try double-duty supplement and foods With a lot of attention being dedicated to healthy fats, there are countless studies uncovering a multitude of positive correlations. Two of the most notable examples are fish oil and nuts. Both of these much-talked-about superfoods appear to help improve serotonin production, making it easier to maintain a positive outlook on dieting while also helping you burn more fat. Boost your mood and your diet by including healthy supplement options you might need.

Stand You might think that sitting and standing burn about the same amount of calories but the truth is that the later burns about 40% more calories. While the average person burns about 100 calories an hour by sitting, standing torches 140 calories by standing in the same time interval.

Use wending machines wisely We are often advised to stay away from vending machines as they offer a myriad of high calorie, non-nutritious choices. While this is definitely true, the vending machine also offers fairly balanced portions of indulgent treats that can help you avoid taking on too many calories. So, like any other instrument, vending machines can either help you or harm you.

Don’t fall for marketing gimmicks With fat free and sugar free products, consumers had a rude awakening when discovering that substitutions made the products not as guilt-free as advertising. Unfortunately, some of the same mind traps can be applied for other marketing terms such as natural flavors. Focus on including a myriad of real food in your diet rather than trying to cut calories with ineffective processed alternatives.

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