Don’t torture yourself with a multitude of crash diets that can leave you exhausted. It’s high time to revolutionize your meal plan by experimenting with a few easy tricks offered by pro nutritionists. Those who are familiarized with the harmful effect of toxins know how important it is to flush them out with a well chosen diet plan.

The following simple and fast fruit detox diets provide you with the ultimate solution to combine weight loss with cleansing. Use only organic ingredients to load your body with energy and the necessary vitamins for a flawless digestive system. Boost your metabolism by embedding a few life-saving rituals into your eating plan.

2 Day Apple Detox Diet

It’s time to experiment with the cleansing effect of fruits to get rid of toxins that might sabotage our weight loss project. This time try your hand at the 2 day apple detox diet. In order to strip off a few pounds and feel healthier all you have to do is eat only apples. Whenever you feel hungry you can have an apple, there are actually no limitations for the amount of fruits you can consume. Besides the high vitamin content, apples will also give you a sense of satiety. Choose from the large selection of apple varieties to make the diet more versatile.

5 Days Watermelon Detox Diet

If you’re fond of this delicious fruit this 5 Days watermelon detox diet is the answer to all your prayers. The slimming plan has one simple rule, namely to consume at least a pound of watermelon per day.

This can be easily done if you have at least 5 meals. During the diet it is highly recommended to avoid drinking sugary beverages and make sure you don’t struggle with a high blood pressure.

Those who struggle with kidney or liver disease should avoid these alternative meal plans. Prepare a delicious homemade detox juice or a tasty salad to make the menu more versatile.

7 Days Pineapple Detox Diet

Detoxify your organism with a similar healthy and simple plan. Moreover, this time there’s no need to deprive yourself from other dishes to have the desired result. Instead, all you have to do is have three normal meals per day and only 2 pineapple snacks.

Pro nutritionists who created the diet also recommend a 2 days session of complete cleansing during which you’ll consume only pineapples. Make sure you choose two consecutive days during the week. Indeed, this is not a nutritive plan to follow on a long-term, however, it can be pretty useful for those who need to lose weight quickly.

7 Days Cranberry Detox Diet

Cranberries are rich in fiber, vitamins and anti-oxidants. Therefore, some use them as the perfect fruits to lose weight with. Try your hand at this super-efficient and time-tested meal plan that can free your organism from harmful toxins. Extract the juice of 2-3 cups of cranberries. Afterwards you can mix 2 tbs of the organic juice with 1 cup of spring water. Drink this nutritive mixture in the morning on an empty stomach throughout the week. The results will be simply stunning. It is also advisable to consume light dishes to make sure you’re digestive system is not under a great pressure during the detox diet.

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